Day: 18/03/2012

Big Bang coming back to Thailand soon? [NEWS]

Will update everyone with more info when available! *Asianism is an entertainment TV show in Thailand. They did exclusive interviews with BIGBANG before, as well as featured behind-the-scenes clips from their old Eversense shoot on their show.

Big Bang graces French ‘Jukebox’ homepage as remarkable top band [NEWS]

It’s France now. Group Big Bang has now graced the official homepage of the popular French music site ‘Jukebox’ on March 18th (time in Korea). The stars on the main news of the day include international pop stars Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna and Big Bang are shoulder to shoulder with them. First, they raved about the number of views on the music video for Big Bang’s new album ‘Alive’. ‘Jukebox’ reported, “Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ has recorded 8 million views []

[Giveaway] 2K12 Korea Night concert in Canada ticket giveaway!

The biggest Korean concert ever held in Canada “2K12 Korea Night” is heading to the Kool Haus in Toronto, Ontario on March 21st. With the event coming up, allkpop is giving away eight pairs of tickets for you and a friend. Here’s how to win! – Visit the official facebook page of 2K12KoreaNight and “like” the page. – Share this story via any of our social network services. #2K12withallkpop – Leave a comment below on why you want to go to 2K12 []

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2012 – March Week 3

Two words can sum up this week’s music chart: Big Bang. The five-member group dominated our music chart this week in a fashion that has never been done before. Big Bang has six songs in the top 20, including three songs in the top 10, in addition to haveing the new No. 1 song “Blue” this week. Big Bang’s latest mini-album “Alive” has six tracks (aside from  the “intro”) and each track is considered a title song. All six tracks are very []