Day: 19/03/2012

‘Inkigayo’ Big Bang ‘Blue’ singing, hot pink high-quality performance … G-Dragon Point

[TV reports bakgwiim News] Big Bang has two high-quality charm. Big Bang 18, 2008 and conducted a live SBS TV ‘Inkigayo’ on ‘Blue (BLUE)’ made the best debut. The broadcast from the Big Bang, according to the different quality melodic sensibility seonsahae performance captivated the attention of fans. G-Dragon especially in hot pink hats stood out among the members complete the style. The title song ‘BLUE’ Big Bang distinctive melodic sensibility and refined sound, featuring a song. The ‘Inkigayo’ Take Seven (TAKE7), []

Big Bang ‘Fantastic Baby’, # 1 scary yeokjuhaeng

[OSEN = sonnamwon News] Idol of the normal incident once again hit the big bang. Surokgok comeback album ‘Fantastic Baby (Fantastic Baby)’ 18 days after the album release various music charts 1, 2, will spiral up to hit olkile yeokjuhaeng necks. Big Bang comeback earlier this year in conjunction with the ‘Blue’ to sweep to the various music charts Appendicitis has a vomit. Big Bang Mini released fifth album, unusually surokgok 6, whole grains, and the title of the topic gathered angry []

Big Bang’s new Japanese Song “Feeling” Nominated for new Transformers anime theme song.

According to the agency YG Entertainment 18 days 28 days following the Big Bang new album to be released ilbonseo ‘ALIVE’ in addition to the seven new songs guknaeseo seonboyeotdeon ‘FELLING’ and ‘EGO’ will contain a double ‘FEELING’ aenimeyisyeonpan opening of a transformer nakjeom theme. Big Bang’s ‘FEELING’ from a German DJ and producer, Boys Noise (BOYS NOIZE) and G-Dragon worked together for lively up-tempo songs. Steven Spielberg’s hit ‘Transformers’ and an animated “Transformers Prime” is broadcast in 140 countries around the []

Big Bang members spotted having a meal together [NEWS]

Big Bang was recently spotted eating a meal together. Recently, a photo of Big Bang eating a meal surfaced online and you can see G-Dragon, TOP, Seungri and Daesung in the photo with a grill in the middle of their table. What is striking is that they are still wearing complete stage outfits and it seemed that they ate at a simple local restaurant after their stage performance. They looked like they were having a good meal and despite their high celebrity []

Big Bang’s forbidden pictures revealed on “You & I” [NEWS]

Big Bang shared more than they opted for on the recent episode of SBS‘s ‘You & I‘ and shared more than they opted for. On this episode, the producers revealed a bunch of pictures of Big Bang that even their fans try to keep hidden. The first picture showed the members on stage with their head tilted for a dance move. Daesung must have been really into the dance move because his face looks really intense. The second forbidden picture was of []

How the Big Bang members get their girls [NEWS]

The Big Bang members are freely handing out information these days, but who knew they’d be so open about how they seduce women? Big Bang appeared on the March 18 broadcast of SBS’ You and I to perform the singles from its fifth mini album. During a talk session of the show, the MCs boldly asked the members how they approach the women they like. G-Dragon first said that he would show his affection openly by staring at her strongly and so []