Day: 20/03/2012

Monday Night TV (19 Mar 2012)

The puns in this show have become incredibly cheesy and predictable.  I mean Castle is suppose to be a writer, and yet the actual writers of the show have become predictable and good heavens, the story lines are just wow.  I don’t know about this show.  This was a bleh episode.  This show started out so great and now, it’s just, I don’t know.  And I still like Castle and his mother but his daughter….Ugh!  Just something about her character bothers me.  []

Monday Night TV (19 Mar 2012)

Clearly there was a lot of research put into this show about the inmates of Alcatraz which just makes this show even more powerful than it would be otherwise.  They gave personalities and stories, real stories to these inmates and were able to project them onto the screen in a realistic manner that really makes this show good.  I absolutely love it, I love the time traveling aspect of it and I love the thrill that is in every episode as well []

The Secret Circle Vol. 2

Good book, I prefer it to the tv show but the ending was too fast, it was just sped out far to much and a little wishy washy the way everything was happening.  I wanted more out the ending especially the way the story was building up, the ending was just a disappointment.  I wanted so much more!  There was just so much I wanted out of the ending, I wanted this epic battle to rage and take place and have be []

Park Heesoon and Park Siyeon confess their love for Big Bang [NEWS]

Park Hee Soon and Park Si Yeon have revealed their love for BIGBANG. The actors of “The Scent” said Big Bang is their favorite group on Choi Hwajung’s Power Time. When the DJ asked them, “Among the idols and singers, which is the one you like most?” Park Siyeon shouted, “BIGBANG” immediately and Park Hee-Soon answered, “Big Bang and 2NE1.” Source: Nate Translated by: RICE @

Crackdown on illegal distribution of Big Bang′s Alive nets 44 websites [NEWS]

On March 20, The Korea Federation of Copyright Organizations’ Copyright Protection Center revealed Big Bang’s new mini album Alive was illegally circulated on 44 websites. Among these sites, a total of 5,008 songs were found to have been illegally circulated in 659 cases. According to the Copyright Protection Center, it worked with YG Entertainment to work together in preventing illegal distributions of Alive on the day of the album’s release. To do this they targeted 213 particular internet service providers, major portal []

Big Bang & YG Family for "10,000 Won Miracle" Project [PHOTOS/NEWS]

@jinusean3000: 만원의기적 15번째 주인공 빅뱅이 어린이재활병원 건립을 위해 함께 해주었습니다 한명씩 만원의기적을 신청해주어서 빅뱅이 15,16,17,18,19번째 만원의기적 주인공이 되주었습니다 Translation: “10000 Won Miracle’s 15th participant. Big Bang has participated for the construction of a Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. Each member participated so they count as the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th participant for 10000 Won Miracle.” Note: 10000 Won is around $10 USD Translated by @kristinekwak YG Family Joins ′10,000 Won Miracle′ Project YG Family artists are taking a moment from their busy []

"YG on Air: Big Bang Alive" Broadcasting Information [NEWS]

From Official VIP Website: Hello, this is YG Entertainment. Here is information about the broadcast of “YG ON AIR:BIG BANG ALIVE”: “YG ON AIR: BIG BANG ALIVE”, which took place on March 14th in the Hwajung Gym will be aired on Naver and YouTube for fans who love Big Bang and cheer them on around the world. Together we did the best live session in the world, with 8 different professional cameras, and the best performance and stage. Please read the more []

Big Bang, YG ON AIR broadcasting the concert reminiscent

Big Bang, YG Entertainment (hereafter YG) Internet broadcasting ‘Y geothermal air (YG ON AIR)’ reminiscent of a concert stage with fans, I visit every day. Every 20 to 25, YG 18:00 Naver and YouTube via the self-produced, edited 5 home of the Big Bang Mini ‘ALIVE’ stage of the whole grain ‘YG ON AIR – BIG BANG ALIVE’ through the day, a mudaessik broadcasts. “Wi-Zeon Air” last year, the YG, the industry’s first start with a self-made content-based Internet platform to broadcast []

Monday Night TV (19 Mar 2012)

Very good episode.  I’m kind of glad that we haven’t seen the last of the Reaper cause I kind of like him.  Not a big fan of the things he has done but I am glad that he’s going to be around for a little longer.  The way that this episode was done was good as well.  I liked the fact that we got to see another side of the house and the characters.  We got to see the bong strengthen between []