Day: 23/03/2012

Thursday Night TV (22 Mar 2012)

Although I am happy that they finally added Meredith into the series, the way that they went about it bothers me, I mean the way that she just keeps everything to herself until the very last minute bothers me.  I don’t like that cause that doesn’t help situations.  Anyway, I love Damon.  I do love hoe different Caroline is from the books, I love her character way more than I ever did in the books.  Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to []

Thursday Night TV (22 Mar 2012)

Of course Henry Winkler would be Maya Rudolph’s father.  Will Arnett is not good on television.  I don’t mean the actor, god no, Will Arnett the actor is amazing.  I love this show.  It was adorable.  I love Henry Winkler and I love seeing him on the screen.  (fyi he went to Emerson College, my college; sorry needed to brag)  Anyway this was an adorable show except once again, hardly any child in the show!  I thought the purpose of this show []

Surprising Things You Can Get for Free

By Woman’s Day | Financially Fit – Wed, Mar 14, 2012 6:48 PM EDT Expert computer help If you’ve ever had a computer problem and wanted to pull out your hair in frustration, this is for you. Need to solve a hardware glitch? Want to learn how to use HTML? Submit your question at and you’ll get a pretty prompt answer e-mailed to you from a volunteer expert. Why’s it free? It’s no secret that many computer manufacturers provide mediocre support []

Big Bang backstage with B1A4 [PHOTO/NEWS]

On the March 23 broadcast of B1A4’s Sesame Seed Player in Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, the members of B1A4 tried their hand at becoming literal ‘sweet guys’. The B1A4 members attended a cooking class for the broadcast aiming to become lovable men. They were then given a mission to bake sweet cookies and cupcakes to present to their seniors and juniors. B1A4’s Baro chose to give his own ‘cupcakes of love’ to miss A’s Min, saying he wanted to thank her for []

Darksiders 2 Hands-On Preview

The ending of the first Darksiders game was a fairly risky move on Vigil Games’ part. An unproven developer with a new, home grown intellectual property, it already had a lot going against it without a fairly epic cliffhanger ending. Thankfully we’re getting the sequel fans of the original were hoping to see. Sadly, its story doesn’t take place after Darksiders’ cliffhanger, but wrenches control of War from our hands and puts us in control of Death, a new protagonist on a []

Big Bang has returned — bigger and better (120323) [NEWS]

After experiencing hardships, Big Bang has returned – bigger and better. Big Bang marked its return after a year on February 29 with the release of its new mini album Alive. After becoming one of the leaders of the Hallyu last year, a series of setbacks from Daesung’s car accident to G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal put a halt to the group’s activities and brought the group’s existence into danger. But returning as a much more mature group, Big Bang made all its tracks []

Gaon Chart Rankings (120311-17) [NEWS]

For the week of March 11th to March 17th: Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking 3. Fantastic Baby 5. Blue 7. Bad Boy 12. Love Dust 21. Ain’t No Fun 30. Wings (Daesung’s Solo) 64. Intro (Alive) Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking 4. Alive Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States. Check full rankings here.

Photographer Leslie Kee planning a "Super" photo shoot with Big Bang [NEWS]

Photographer Leslie Kee, whose clients include Hollywood celebrities and magazines like Rolling Stone, Vogue Nippon and Harper’s Bazaar Japan, is reported to have worked with BIGBANG for Japanese magazine, Josei Jishin. The next issue of Josei Jishin, out on the 27th, will feature BIGBANG on the cover and 7 color print photographs all shot by Kee. In addition to the magazine shoot, Kee posted an update on Twitter that there are plans of a “SUPER BIGBANG” photo shoot, just like his collaborations []