Thursday Night TV (22 Mar 2012)

Up All Night
Thursdays @ 930PM EST on NBC

Of course Henry Winkler would be Maya Rudolph’s father.  Will Arnett is not good on television.  I don’t mean the actor, god no, Will Arnett the actor is amazing.  I love this show.  It was adorable.  I love Henry Winkler and I love seeing him on the screen.  (fyi he went to Emerson College, my college; sorry needed to brag)  Anyway this was an adorable show except once again, hardly any child in the show!  I thought the purpose of this show was the fact that their new parents??  Confused here about the plot of this show.  Acting and overall script are good though.  Thursdays @ 930PM EST on NBC.

Thursdays @ 9PM EST on FOX

I love the intensity in this show I love the passion that is present in both the writing and the acting.  It’s just a great show, it’s powerful with such powerful story telling.  It’s such a powerful and dynamic show.  Last nights episode, every bit of it was powerful and intense and full of so much emotion and heart.  I loved it.  I simply loved it.  I mean what else can I say other than I love it.  This is simply an amazing show.  I love how the writers were able to intertwine all these different story lines in such a way to make them flow.  Thursdays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

Thursdays @ 10PM EST on NBC

You know when I watch this show, I think it might be a kin to Source Code.  I wonder if the ending of this show is going to be like that.  They lost me a few times though in this episode, I was unsure which universe was which, like what was happening in which universe.  I liked it a lot.  Still a good episode, and they writers did clarify which universe was which after a while so I’m thankful for that.  Still I feel no chemistry between Jason Isaacs and his on screen wife Laura Allen.  Thursdays @ 10PM EST on NBC.



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