Day: 27/03/2012

Monday Night TV (26 Mar 2012)

Very good season finale.  I loved it!!!  No questions were answered though but that’s half the fun for me, well that’s not totally true, some questions were answered, Lucy is back and more questions were asked.  I love these types of shows that know how to structurally create tension as well as suspense!  Ah I love it.  And oh my god!  That ending?  That cannot be how it ended.  I’m not spoiling you, you folks need to watch it.  Cliffhangers suck, I’m []

Kenneth Branagh Picked To Take Over Jack Ryan Spy Thriller With Chris Pine

Though he’s not set to return for the sequel to his big hit Thor, Kenneth Branagh is apparently not done stepping into the director’s chair behind very, very big movies. According to Variety, he’s been selected as the new director for the next movie about Jack Ryan, the character created by Tom Clancy who will be revived by Chris Pine. The untitled film will presumably be in the vein of previous Ryan adventures like The Hunt For Red October and A Clear []

A Closer Look at Assassin’s Creed III

What we can learn from the latest screenshots Yesterday, Ubisoft released a slew of new Assassin’s Creed III screenshots. While they don’t offer quite as much information as the game’s first images, we can still learn a lot. Here, we see Connor looking down at Boston Harbor. While much of the verticality in Assassin’s Creed III will come from climbing trees, this shot confirms that the game will also feature plenty of the franchise’s usual rooftop scaling. It also gives us a []

Big Bang & 2NE1, Simultaneously targeting Japan with new albums [NEWS]

Popular idols Big Bang and 2NE1 are said to take over Japan at the same time. Both groups will start promotions with new Japanese albums on the 28th. Big Bang with “Alive” and 2NE1 with their first full album, “Collection.” Big Bang’s “Alive” will have two new songs “Ego,” and “Feeling,” along with the songs from the 5th mini album, for a total of 10 songs. “Feeling” became the theme song for Japanese animation “Transformer Prime,” and it was made by worldwide []

Park Jinyoung to Yang Hyunsuk: "Big Bang ‘Bad Boy’ is the best" [NEWS]

JYP Entertainment’s president Park Jinyoung has praised Yang Hyunsuk of YG Entertainment for Big Bang’s “Bad Boy”. He showed interest in idol group YG Entertainment’s Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” while talking in SBS’ “Kpop Star.” Yang Hyunsuk told Star News that “Park Jinyoung asked me who made “Bad Boy” because he thinks its the best song from the past year. I was happy to hear this from such an influential producer.” He went on to say “I also personally like “Bad Boy” []

Monday Night TV (26 Mar 2012)

they began the whole Beckett and Castle thing way to soon, couple that with Beckett solving her mothers murder too soon has killed the show…or at the very least has created a very early ending for it.  I don’t know what to think about this show anymore to be quite honest.  The writing seems to be static, the plot lines, they seem to be more about creating more drama to strengthen Castle and Beckett’s connection.  However, I think last nights episode FINALLY []

SM, YG and JYP’s Profits for 2011 Revealed [NEWS]

SM, YG and JYP Entertainment, as publicly traded stock companies on Korea’s KOSDAQ, all recently submitted its 2011 audit report to the Financial Supervisory Service, providing the public with a glimpse inside the financial turnings of the three major entertainment agencies. First, it was revealed that the combined income of the three major agencies for 2011 was a staggering 182 billion won (approximately 160 million U.S. dollars), an all-time record for the agencies. SM recorded total sales of 109.9 billion won in []

Sean humiliated by Big Bang fans? [NEWS]

Sean has confessed he has been humiliated by Big Bang fans. On the SBS “Strong Heart” episode that will be airing on 3/27, he said that “A while ago I went to a lecture targeted to middle schoolers. But all of these young students thought I was a social welfare worker, rather than a singer.” He went on saying, “Recently, I got an SNS from a Big Bang fan asking if I had more shoes than Jiyong oppa,” so “I was really []

Big Bang’s Activities and Successful Chart Rankings (120327) [NEWS]

5 member group Big Bang has become a hot topic in both Korea and Japan recently. Big Bang is taking the concept of “from Asia to the World” and is releasing their album on the coming 28th. The album is going to have Japanese versions of the songs from the Korean fifth mini album, as well as 2 additional new songs. Big Bang is very busy considering they are promoting in Korea while starting their Japanese promotions. It is said they will []