Day: 28/03/2012

The Good & The Bad: Games for the PS Vita (I Keep Wanting to Type Vista)

[Via] Games We Liked: –Lumines: Electronic Symphony Lumines was a stand-out title for the PlayStation Portable, and Ubisoft has managed to do the same thing again for the Vita. Here’s what the developers had to say about their latest project. “When we first began work on Lumines Electronic Symphony, we envisioned a game that would take Lumines players through a diverse but unified sampling of electronic music. This would allow us to entertain players and expose them to some amazing music. []

The PS Vita Launch, With Hindsight

It has been about a month since Sony’s new portable, the PlayStation Vita, launched in the West. Considering the dramatic changes which have taken place within the handheld landscape as of late – most importantly, the smartphone/tablet revolution lead by Apple’s iOS platforms – there’s been a lot of talk amongst gaming enthusiasts about the fate of Vita and Nintendo’s 3DS. With that in mind, the initial commercial and critical reception to Vita will be very important in shaping this industry-wide discussion []

Minji and Daesung, Look-A-Likes

SBS’ “Strong Heart” gathered attention with the comment that Big Bang’s Daesung and 2NE1’s Minji look exactly the same. Daesung’s partner Minji said “Honestly Se7en is my ideal type, so I’m unhappy with this pairing,” causing laughter in the studio. MC Lee Seungri then said “Is Daesung far from your ideal type?” to which Minji answered “Yes.” Daesung was playful and kept saying he thought it was a decalcomanie (kind of art with mirror images) special, bragging that he looks like Minji.

YG’s representative gives out different gifts to 2NE1 and Big Bang?

President Yang Hyun Seok of 2NE1 and Big Bang’s agency is creating a stir by giving out different gift sets for the national holiday. That day, 2NE1’s leader CL revealed, “Yang Hyun Suk gives out gifts to YG families on national holidays. He usually gives out gifts like dried persimmon but we received a bag of pine nuts this time.” Other members who were listening to her said, “We received something else.” Tablo also added, “I think we received different gifts because []

T.O.P tried to run off set during recent shoot for ‘Strong Heart

Singer Gummy began telling a story about how she became intoxicated with alcohol and began singing Shim Soo Bong‘s “I Know Nothing But Love“, when all of a sudden Big Bang’s T.O.P tried to cut across the set unnoticed. But the camera caught him, and the sound that the heels of his shoes made against the studio floor were hard to ignore, causing everyone to turn their attention towards him. Lee Seung Gi grabbed T.O.P who was leaving the set and asked []

Strong Heart Unaired Cut: G-Dragon talks about T.O.P’s "Fantastic Body" [NEWS]

“I still can’t forget about what happened that day. During GD&TOP’s promo activities, we attended MAMA in Macau and the hotel room that we stayed in was a suite room. The room was very big with 2 beds next to each other. It was GD&TOP’s debut stage and after we finished performing, everyone was really excited so we all went to the after party. We drank a lot of alcohol there and when the party ended, we went back up to our []

New albums of Big Bang and 2NE1 rank high on Oricon’s Daily Chart [NEWS]

Family groups Big Bang and 2NE1 have ranked high in Oricon for their newly-released Japanese albums. BIGBANG’s Alive took the 2nd place on the Oricon chart, while 2NE1’s Collection was at number 4. When the two albums were released on the same day, they captured the top spots of Oricon which proves their popularity in Japan. Big Bang’s Japanese new album was released today while their domestic album released last month is still enjoying much love from people. In the Japanese album, []

Kim Ok Bin is impressed by T.O.P’s hair? [NEWS]

Actress Kim Ok Bin had a few words to say about TOP of Big Bang. In an interview with OSEN on the 27th KST, Kim Ok Bin commented, “Big Bang’s TOP is really an impressive person.” Apparently, the star was impressed with TOP’s new mint-colored hairstyle for BIGBANG‘s ’Alive‘ promotion concept. When asked about whether it was difficult to maintain pink hair for her film role in ‘Over My Dead Body‘, Kim Ok Bin answered, “It was really difficult. I don’t think []

Week 11 2012 Pt. 2

Week 11 2012 Pt. 2 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Supergirl #7 Graduation Day Hurray for Supergirl!!  I love the new storyline they have going for her.  Way better than the Superman one…which I consider crap by the way.  But Supergirl, she’s got it going on.  I love her so much, so so much.  I’m a big fan of this comic book, I like how the writers introduced us into the characters and I love how they have built on Supergirls history []

Big Bang & Lee Seung Chul rank high on music charts despite fierce competition [NEWS]

It goes without saying that fierce competition exists on the Korean music charts. There is a new song seizing the #1 spot with each day, and different charts rank the same songs differently. But of the many competitors, there are two names that continue to maintain their status on the charts, and they are none other than idol group Big Bang, and legendary singer Lee Seung Chul. Even an entire month after releasing new albums, these two artists still rank high on []