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Kim Gu Ra was ignored by the friends of his son because of Big Bang [NEWS]

Kim Gu Ra revealed a story of humiliation which attracted laughter.

His son appeared in ‘Star Junior Show’ of SBS and said,’because I appeared in the programme,when I went back for the new school year, people would ask me for the signatures of the celebrities or even their contacts. People will also ask,’What is Big Bang doing?  what do the members of SNSD like? Is it correct that somebody is dating somebody?’etc.

Kim Gura said,’ kids nowadays are so irrelevant.’ Since he once went to his son’s school but faced humiliation. He continued,’When I went there,the girls asked me,”adjussi,you have seen Big Bang before?”and I answered, “no, I have not” they then said,”you saw them in ‘Intimate Note’.”Then they all went away. His story of being neglected has attracted laughter.

The programme will be broadcasted at 5:15 pm today.


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