Day: 01/04/2012

March was Big Bang’s Month (120401) [NEWS]

March was the month of Big Bang. Looking at the music charts for March that Melon posted on the 1st, Big Bang’s mini album “ALIVE” was by far the most popular. The mini album was released on February 29th. “BLUE” took 1st place, with “FANTASTIC BABY” at 4th, “BAD BOY” at 5th, and “LOVE DUST” at 8th. Four songs from their album were in the top 10 of the month. “AIN’T NO FUN” was at 15th, Daesung’s solo “WINGS” was at 21st, []

Inkigayo Big Bang, Fantastic Performance.. TOP’s pink eyebrows are "as expected the top" (120401) [NEWS]

Group Big Bang put on an amazing show. For SBS Inkigayo on the 1st, Big Bang performed “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby.” Big Bang first did “Fantastic Baby,” where the Big Bang members were placed in the audience in a cage. TOP’s feathered hat was especially eye grabbing. Then they performed “Fantastic Baby,” where the members wore red, green, white, blue, and black. TOP’s mint hair and pink eyebrows drew attention as well. The performance got a lot of attention for its []