Day: 03/04/2012

Monday Night TV (2 Apr 2012)

Hilarious episode.  I loved the biblical aspects even though I’m not particularly religious myself, spiritual yes, religious not so much.  But all in all it was a beautiful episode and I loved it, I even loved the humor that was in it.  Especially a pregnant woman in a prison, only Bones would do that, just march in, start a riot and walk through unscathed to catch her murderer.  Go her!  And the cast of this show is imply amazing with great chemistry []

Monday Night TV (2 Apr 2012)

Well there may be hope for this show yet.  I say that because I think that they are able to bring it back to how it was in the beginning without being repetitious.  At least that is the hope.  Why?  Well because Castle has gone back to being his charming self with a girlfriend and Beckett has gone back to being, well…nevermind Beckett, there is little to no character development in her character.  A flaw in the show I believe.  But now []

Jang Nara, "I love Big Bang’s spectacular performance" [NEWS]

On April 3, singer and actress Jang Nara was invited to MBC’s radio program Date at 2 O’clock with Joo Young Hoon and said, “I miss Big Bang.” When DJ Joo Young Hoon asked, “Which male ‘idol’ do you miss the most?” Jang avoided answering by saying, “I met Super Junior last night on a radio program.” However, when Joo repeated his question, Jang confessed, “I miss Big Bang the most. Their performance on stage is spectacular.” Jang released her single “I []

Big Bang’s Timeline – Since 2006 (120403) [FACEBOOK]

[BIGBANG’S TIMELINE -SINCE 2006] Let’s review the most important moments of BIGBANG since the debut in 2006 on this new profile “Timeline”. Join BIGBANG’s facebook and find out all about BIGBANG! 2006년 데뷔부터 빅뱅의 가장 중요했던 순간들을 새로운 타임라인 프로필에서 확인해 보세요. 빅뱅의 모든 것을 알고 싶다면 빅뱅의 페이스북과 함께! With this timeline feature, Big Bang is going to be adding album release dates and other important dates to their profile. So far, they have added the release of their 1st []

Big Bang and 2NE1 voted top K-pop stars in France [NEWS]

Big Bang and 2NE1 have been selected as the male and female groups most loved by the Hallyu fans in France. The Paris office of Korean Tourism Organization has conducted ‘A survey to identify the status and distribution of Hallyu wave in France and the behavior of the Hallyu fans’ targeting 3,775 of local Hallyu fans. Big Bang and 2NE1 have each received 49.9% and 64.8% support coming in at #1. The age range and gender of the fans who prefer 2NE1 []

G-Dragon gave Minzy a back hug? [NEWS]

2NE1‘s maknae, Minzy shared a story about a time when G-Dragon gave her a back hug. The upcoming episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ will be the continuation of last week’s ‘YG Family Special‘. During the broadcast, Minzy began sharing her story saying, “When Jiyong oppa was actively promoting ‘Heartbreaker‘, his good looks captured all the hearts’ of female fans and he ended up catching the ‘prince charming syndrome’.” She continued, “During that time period, I ran into Jiyong oppa at a beauty []

Daesung’s Soldier Older Sister Took Time Off to Help (120403) [NEWS]

Group Big Bang’s Daesung has explained how his older sister, who is a soldier, helped him a lot during his hard times. On SBS “Strong Heart,” he confessed, “I felt so awkward around this female. This female happens to be my older sister.” He then said, “My sister and mother show me their love a lot but I find it awkward so I don’t really show it. Sometimes my sister texts me but I am too shy to read it so I []

U-KISS prepares for their first Korean comeback in seven months

The members of U-KISS recently successfully wrapped up their Japanese tour this month, in which they performed for over 30,000 Japanese fans. On their final day, the boys revealed that they will be making their first comeback in seven months in April! Currently, the boys have about 100 songs they’ve worked on with Korean composers, and just have the title track selection left to complete. NH Media revealed, “U-KISS’s new album is one that will mark their return as Hallyu artists. There’s []