Day: 04/04/2012

Terminator 5 Will Be Rated R

Much like the Die Hard franchise before it, the folks behind Terminator Salvation made a huge mistake when they decided to make the movie PG-13. The only one in the series that isn’t rated R, the move was made in the hopes of maximizing profits, but even that didn’t work, as it managed to pull in only $125 million domestically on a $200 million budget. To say that least, fans were not happy that one of their favorite franchises had been castrated, []

A Good Day To Die Hard Adds Two Villains

A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise, is inching towards reality, but still has some pretty big holes to fill. Bruce Willis set to return as the heroic John McClane, John Moore is directing and Jai Courtney is playing McClane’s son, but what about the other side of the law? Who will be playing the big baddies? Variety has the answer to that question. Sebastian Koch and Yulia Snigir have signed on to play villains []

Liam Neeson And Olivia Wilde To Play Lovers In Third Person

Just last week when reporting on Rob Marshall’s casting considerations for who should play Johnny Depp’s onscreen paramour in his Thin Man remake, I wondered how far Hollywood would push their love of pairing older men with much younger women. And now Oscar-winning writer-director Paul Haggis (Crash) has revealed to Vulture his striking choice of casting 28-year-old Olivia Wilde to play the love interest of 59-year-old Liam Neeson. Don’t get me wrong, I–like many younger ladies–harbor a serious crush on the Taken []

Kingdom Hearts 3D Doesn’t Need Lightning

There’s a ton of silly images going around of Lightning being in Kingdom Hearts 3D. These accounts are all false as far as we know. But if it were to be true, Lightning’s presence would only serve to be detrimental. First of all, Square Enix really seem to be pushing Lightning right now. After appearing in Final Fantasy XIII, she was ported over to Dissidia 012 as the main character and she’s also appeared in Theatrhythm. Much of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s presence []

Rumour: Apple Working On iOS Game Controller

Apple are said to be working on a game controller that will negate the problems encountered by the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices having no physical buttons. In a review of the new iPad 3 by tech site AnandTech, they said “I know of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.” With Android having controller support with peripherals like the Gametel, plus []

Sony Pulls PS Vita Firmware Update 1.65 Releasing 1.66 Instead

Incase you missed it, Sony’s 1.65 Firmware Update for the PlayStation Vita was pulled due to a “technical fault”. Today, Sony has released a new 1.66 Firmware Update as a replacement. 1.66 will include all of the features in 1.65 and more. Some of the changes you can expect with this update include a “Notification Alert” option which allows you to turn the alerts on and off, a Caps Lock in the On Screen Keyboard, and a percentage bar while a game []

Se7en used G-Dragon and Taeyang to cover up his dates with Park Han Byul [NEWS]

On the of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, singer Se7en revealed how he was able to keep his relationship with girlfriend, Park Han Byul, hidden for seven years. Se7en expressed the inconvenience he had to go through when trying to date his girlfriend by saying “We never got a lot of opportunity to go on one-on-one dates. We met when there were a group of people around. When we wanted to meet alone, we would meet in the car or go to each other’s []

T.O.P captivates wife of Japanese comedian [NEWS]

T.O.P has melted the heart of the wife of Japanese comedian, Komoto Junichi. On April 2, Big Bang was a guest on Nippon Television’s Music Lovers where they performed four songs. In the following talk segment, the members made the crowd laugh with their impression of famous Japanese celebrities and knowledge of popular catch phrases. On the same episode, comedian Komoto Junichi was also one of the guests where he revealed his wife was in attendance in the studio. But he surprised many []

Minzy shares the story behind the gift she got from T.O.P [NEWS]

On the recent episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Minzy revealed the time when T.O.P gave her a birthday present in an odd way that was enough to cause any girl to be taken aback. Minzy began by saying, “One day, T.O.P started to stare at me with a treacherous look in his eyes and suddenly called me over. He handed me a doll and said, ‘I think I like you’,” causing the studio to be surprised. However, T.O.P did not deny Minzy’s story []