Se7en used G-Dragon and Taeyang to cover up his dates with Park Han Byul [NEWS]

On the of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, singer Se7en revealed how he was able to keep his relationship with girlfriend, Park Han Byul, hidden for seven years.

Se7en expressed the inconvenience he had to go through when trying to date his girlfriend by saying “We never got a lot of opportunity to go on one-on-one dates. We met when there were a group of people around. When we wanted to meet alone, we would meet in the car or go to each other’s house.”

G-Dragon and Taeyang revealed that they were usually a part of the group of people that Se7en was referring to. They added, “Ever since we were trainees Se7en hyung took very good care of us. During the summer, he would take us wakeboarding and during the winter, he’d take us snowboarding. However, it seems he had used us as a cover [for his dates].” 

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