Day: 06/04/2012

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Japanese Release Date Revealed

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2’s official Japanese release date was revealed in a trailer, with the game releasing mid-May on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. This Episode is the sequel to Episode 1 which was released nearly 2 years ago and was met with relatively mixed reviews. The release of the iOS and Android versions will hopefully be within a few months of the PSN and XBLA release. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will be released in Japan on []

Thursday Night TV (5 Apr 2012)

Hilarious episode.  I love the dynamic in this episode.  Except there is one thing I did not like.  There was no child once in this episode.  There wasn’t even any mention to her whatsoever.  The purpose of the show is the fact that they are new parents, getting out of their old lives and balancing their careers and yet there was no child in this episode.  I don’t know, I mean I love he humor and the chemistry between the actors but []

Shinhwa members compare themselves to Big Bang and other idol groups [NEWS]

Shinhwa may have 14 years of idol group experience under its belt, but the members admit there are some things the second generation boy bands simply do better. The Shinhwa members were guests on the April 5 open studio broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, where they were asked how they thought the group compared to the younger boy bands in terms of beastliness, dance synchronization, unconventional performance concepts and even in the members’ confidence in going nude. During the ‘Shinhwa Up []

Big Bang dances early in the morning for Japan [NEWS]

Big Bang had to get up early in the morning to perform for its Japanese fans. An online community recently had a video posted under the title ‘7:00 a.m., Big Bang dances’. The video was from the April 4 broadcast of Fuji TV’s Mezamashi. (Watch video here.) On the day of the broadcast, Big Bang had to deliver a splendid performance and perfect vocals early in the morning. Daesung especially stood out by approaching a male anchor to ask him to ‘put []

Official VIP Card [PHOTOS/NEWS]

VIP Cards have been sent out to all official VIPS! I will be sure to take HQ photos of my card when it arrives. NOTE: This is for members of the official Korean fanclub. (VIP Japan members have different cards.) The application for VIP4 is already over and for those asking, one requirement to be an official member is to have a Korean ID (Korean citizen or foreigner living in Korea). Also, YGE hasn’t established an official fanclub for international fans yet.

Big Bang is crowned double platinum in Taiwan [NEWS]

Big Bang is crowned ‘double platinum’ in Taiwan. Warner Music, the distributor of Big Bang’s ‘Alive’ album in Taiwan, announced that Big Bang has achieved ‘double platinum’ in Taiwan. Although they have never visited Taiwan, their result is brilliant there. As a representative of Korea, Big Bang has recently ranked first in various important Taiwan music charts, such as the best selling chart of ‘G-Music,’, ‘Five Music’ for one week. They do especially well in ‘G-Music’ since the sales of their album []

Thursday Night TV (5 Apr 2012)

Great episode, I loved it a lot.  I love Keifer Sutherland he is such an expressive and wonderful actor, I love it because he becomes the character.  He is a fantastic and brilliant actor, I simply love him.  This is such a powerful show and the way the writers make everything intertwine with another story, truly making those connections that this story is about, is simply amazing and wonderful.  I love it.  This show has it all, powerful acting, brilliant writing and []