Day: 08/04/2012

Ron Livingston Joins Michelle Monaghan In Fort Bliss

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Ron Livingston is Office Space, where he memorably played smug slacker Peter Gibbons who rebels against office politics and bosses in general with a guffaw-inducing indifference. With noteworthy turns in such heralded productions as Swingers,Adaptation. and Sex and the City, Livingston is generally regarded as a comedic actor even though he’s won the most critical acclaim for his supporting role in the World War II miniseries Band of Brothers. Perhaps []

The Evolution of Diablo

Like previous games in the franchise, Diablo III is still all about fast-paced combat presented from an overhead perspective. Though III might look similar to Diablo II at a glance, there’s quite a bit different under the hood, including a reworked skill system, real-money auction house, and a much more sophisticated crafting system. You can see specifically what has changed since the days of Diablo II in the video on this link

Torchlight 2 release date teased alongside new trailer

Runic Games has been working on Torchlight 2 for around two solid years, “which is not unreasonably long for this type of game,” says studio CEO Max Schaefer. Promising the studio is “going as fast as we can,” Schaefer says the game should be ready soon – but isn’t ashamed to admit that its release is somewhat contingent on a certain other, eagerly-awaited point-‘n’-click crawler. With the Diablo III release date confirmed for May, Schaefer says Runic is eager not to engage []

Rutgers presents ‘ProjectKorea V: Dream Higher’ ft. Arden Cho & David So

Heads up, Tri-State readers: the Korean Student Association of Rutgers University (RUKSA) is back once again for their fifth annual ‘ProjectKorea‘ show! Titled, ‘Dream Higher‘, this year’s show is a twist off of the wildly popular idol drama ‘Dream High‘, complete with performances by singer Arden Cho and singer-comedian David So. ProjectKorea has created a name for itself, consistently delivering impressive live performances by members of RUKSA each year. For the second year running, the show will feature the finalists of Rutgers’ []