Day: 09/04/2012

Did G-Dragon copy his seaweed hair from Skrillex? [NEWS]

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News will be rummaging through K-Pop concepts to guess where they’ve been spotted before on other people. The April 9 broadcast of Wide Entertainment News will show how G-Dragon’s shocking ‘seaweed hair’ may have been inspired by the American producer and disc jockey Skrillex through its Unlock section. Their hairdos do seem to resemble each other’s as they both have their hair gathered on one side of their head, but the difference is that Skrillex’s hair looks more lush []

Jang Nara is a fan of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P [NEWS]

Jang Nara revealed that she is a fan of Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and T.O.P! On April 9th, Jang Nara was interviewed on YTN’s ‘News and Issue‘. She stated, “I’ve always thought that Big Bang is extremely talented. Since I became a singer, I haven’t really had the chance to talk to other celebrities. I think this was mainly because I spent 2/3rd of my celebrity-related activities in China. I saw Big Bang through TV while in China, and was astonished by their []

Week 14 2012

Week 14 2012 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Red Lantern #8 Death on Ysmault Good comic, I like, overall, how it was written except I feel as though it is beginning to lose it’s spark.  What I mean is, it’s a good comic, I love it and I’m not going to stop buying it because I like the plot and the over all characters but I am having trouble adapting to the new red lantern, he’s character, the way he is written []

‘Hunger Games’ Director Gary Ross Resumes Sequel Talks as Schedule Issues Loom Large

The Hunger Games director Gary Ross is set to sit down with Lionsgate executives Monday for a key meeting that will help determine his role in the follow-up to the mega-blockbuster. Contrary to previous media reports, Ross — who returned from a vacation in Italy on Friday — has not exited the booming franchise. But he is not yet signed to return for the second installment,Catching Fire, and sources say the filmmaker is concerned about an ambitious production schedule that would require []

The Next Wolverine Started Shooting In October (How did I not know this??)

Things finally came together for the next Wolverine movie. They have a director in James Mangold, Hugh Jackman is ready to go, and now the film has a start date.  The Wolverine to began shooting in October, which probably means Fox aims to have it in theaters for 2012. For a Fox movie that’s actually a pretty long production cycle, which suggests that they’re taking their time with this one and, hopefully, really trying to get it right this time. The last []

Anne Hathaway Gets A Dramatic Haircut For Les Miserables

We’ve been lucky enough to catch glimpses at Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables leads, giving us an idea of what they might look like in character. First, there was Russell Crowe’s hat. Then, Hugh Jackman’s beard. And now, a suggestion of Anne Hathaway’s haircut, which actually ends up being more drastic than it sounds. See for yourself: The photo, published on, was snapped in London’s SoHo neighborhood as Hathaway exited The Box, a nightclub, with her fiancé Adam Shulman. Though she tried []

Se7en Reveals Promotional Video for "Love Again"

Se7en continues to make waves in Japan! After the success of his most recent singles, “Somebody Else” and “When I Can’t Sing,” the singer is gearing up for his next release by unveiling the short version of the music video for his new track, “Love Again.” “Love Again” is a mid-tempo track with some influence of R&B. In the video, Se7en is seen playing different games at a casino. He even shows off a poker face as he makes his move while []

BioWare Release Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack For Free

BioWare has decided to release the Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack as free downloadable content which will expand the multiplayer component of the game. The expansion will include new maps (Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra), but also new weapons and a host of new characters to fill the different class roles – some from unexpected races. Joining the Batarian Sentinel and Batarian Soldier are the Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard and Asari Justicar Adept. The Krogan Battlemaster is especially exciting for players, as they’ll []

SISTAR to launch a worldwide showcase for their ‘Alone’ comeback

SISTAR has announced that they will be launching a global showcase for the release of their comeback mini-album! As it is their first comeback in nearly eight months, the girls are looking to spice things up a bit with a showcase introducing their newest track.  The showcase will take place on April 12th and be broadcast through YouTube and Melon to 41 different broadcast networks all over the world. The girls have upgraded their sexy image to something more charismatic, so anticipation for their comeback is as []

Jang Geun Suk and YoonA pull together for a frosty hug in ‘Love Rain’

New still cuts of Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA in a frosty hug, with ‘Love Rain‘ co-star Jang Geun Suk have been released! The upcoming fifth episode features a beautiful snowy background, where the two meet at a hot spring. Noticing YoonA is wearing nothing but a thin shirt in the snow, Jang Geun Suk pulls her in for a hug in an attempt to warm her up. Now that the drama is in the present times, viewers are looking forward to how the relationship between YoonA and Jang []