Day: 13/04/2012

Thursday Night TV (12 Apr 2012)

Upset that this show might get cancelled.  I love the concept behind it.  I mean the one thing I have a problem with is the chemistry between him and his wife.  I don’t know, once again that is the biggest problem that I have with this show, otherwise, I like it.  I find it very easy to follow, allowing for the audience to connect the dots with the show between the two story lines that are going on.  I really like how []

Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City Sequel To Start Production Soon

It’s been seven years since director Robert Rodriguez released his adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City, and that happens to also be the same number of years that he’s been promising a sequel. With plenty of stories to choose from it wasn’t hard to imagine that Rodriguez could pull it off, yet here we are in 2012 and we’ve still never seen a Sin City 2. The director has used the time since to helm multiple projects, including Grindhouse, Shorts, Machete and []

Remake of Stephen King’s Carrie Starring Chloe Moretz Gets Release Date

Remakes are so common now that when announced they’re almost immediately disregarded. Even circumstances where the project doesn’t sound like such a bad idea they’re still dismissed and lumped into the unoriginal pile – and often justifiably. Yet there are times when a remake is not only warranted, but the pieces are also put together so perfectly that we should welcome the revisit and/or new interpretation of the material. The upcoming remake of Carrie sounds great and now there’s a set release []

The Hunger Games’ Liam Hemsworth To Star In Paranoia, Gary Oldman And Harrison Ford In Talks

Director Robert Luketic hasn’t really proven himself to be one of the most talented filmmakers in Hollywood. Kicking off his career in 2001 with Legally Blonde, Luketic has spent the last 11 years making duds like Monster-in-Law, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!, The Ugly Truth and Killers. Still, his career flourishes and somehow he’s managed to enlist an all star cast for one of his upcoming projects. Liam Hemsworth is now set to star in Paranoia, a new film from Robert []

Super Mario 4 Domain Registered By Nintendo

Nintendo of America has pushed through the purchase of a rather interesting new domain, The domain has no purpose at the moment, other than to serve as a redirect through to the official Nintendo of America website, but it could be a sign of what Nintendo plan to do with the franchise in the future. As with Sonic, after Super Mario Bros. 3, Nintendo decided to ditch the numbers and more to assorted names. This started off with Super Mario World, []

Big Bang’s cover contest gathers heat with celebrity contestants [NEWS]

A lot of groups are out to try their hands at becoming Big Bang. Big Bang’s official survival cover contest is gathering a great variety of contestants – including even celebrities. The three-week preliminaries for the Fantastic Baby cover contest held on Nate Pann drew in a total of 213 teams, with 1100 people. The views for all the videos added up to 6.4 million, proving the great attention the contest was gathering. What’s notable in the contest is that it managed []