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Friday Night TV (13 Apr 2012)

Fridays @ 9PM EST on NBC

I love this show!  Although I have one little problem.  Nick and Juliette being totally fine is really odd, I mean I am not sure how much time has passed since the previous episode, but he proposed and she said no and now everything is just back to normal??  No that just doesn’t sit right with me.  It seems to artificial.  Other than that though, the rest of the show was amazing, especially the clever way he discovered how to defeat her at the end, that was awesome!  Loved it and I love the addition of the chick who Monroe has a crush on.  I think she is a great addition to the cast!  Now they are a team of three doing good!  Sorry, I just think ragtag teams are awesome in shows.  Fridays @ 9PM EST on NBC.

Let me know what you think :)

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