Day: 17/04/2012

Monday Night TV (16 Apr 2012)

Just when I was starting to like Alexis again the writers screw up and make her take five steps back.  I mean decisions are hard but they don’t have to turn you into a zombie.  A figurative zombie just to be clear.  Anyway over all this was a good episode.  So glad that Castle teamed up with someone else, made me happy, for the most part.  I mean I don’t know what to really say, it was okay, I mean I like []

Why Exactly Was Ashton Kutcher Cast As Steve Jobs In An Upcoming Biopic?

Ashton Kutcher’s film credits, up to this point, include Killers, Spread, What Happens in Vegas and Dude, Where’s My Car? The suggestion that he had what it takes to play Apple genius Steve Jobs in a planned biopic was … well, I won’t go so far as to say “ludicrous,” but I did believe the film’s producers could have made a better choice. A new interview with the forces behind the feature does little to sway my opinion back toward a favorable []

Emma Watson Spotted In Bling Ring Costume

In 2008 and 2009, the Hollywood Hills was plagued by a batch of devious criminals who exploited the celebrity-obsessed Internet culture to track the movements of the rich and famous as a means of knowing when their luxurious homes were ripe for robbery. These crafty crooks reportedly pilfered more than $3 million in cash and flashy belongings from the likes of Audrina Partridge, Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox and Paris Hilton. Their outrageous burglaries caused a media sensation once []

Lucas Till May Join Liam Hemsworth In Telecom Thriller Paranoia

Lucas Till has been acting steadily since 2003, playing young Johnny Cash in Walk the Line and nabbing a part in Hannah Montana: The Movie back in 2009. But he broke out last summer by playing Alex Summers (and Havok) in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. Now Till is parlaying that exposure into bigger roles. Variety says Till is about to join the espionage thriller Paranoia, which would cast him opposite The Hunger Games heartthrob Liam Hemsworth. As we reported earlier, Paranoia []

343 Industries Hint At Big Halo 4 Announcement Today

Microsoft staff have been hinting in multiple places that there will be a pretty big announcement for Halo 4 at some point today, which could potentially be the game’s release date. 343 Industries, who’re developing in the game, recently did a massive splurge of information in Game Informer, where they announced a new co-operative mode called Spartan Ops, which would be replacing Firefight. One of the senior producers at 343 Industries, Alison Stroll, tweeted “A little birdy (or was it Andy?) told []

Big Bang’s heights: Truth" vs "Posted" [NEWS]

Netizens are once again suspicious of Big Bang’s heights as recorded on their profiles. Recently on an online community, this was posted as “Closure to Big Bang’s Heights.” In this post, one can see Big Bang standing next to other stars, followed with a comparison with those stars’ profiles. First off, G-Dragon’s profile says that he is 177 cm tall. However, on SBS “Inkigayo,” G-Dragon appears to be shorter than 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, but surprisingly also shorter than the female MC, []

Monday Night TV (16 Apr 2012)

That was just an explosion of bad things happening.  George found out about Lavon and Lemon but props to Lemon for finally coming clean about it and being a decent and honest human being.  Over all this was a very good episode.  I like the writing a lot, although I think that maybe Wade’s animosity should be tones down a bit, he’s a jerk and Zoe does know that she has some feelings for him so I think the way that he []

Vortex (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Book 6)

Great book!  Oh my god I loved it so much.  There was so much that happened in this book, simply so much.  The writing was fluid and the characterization was awesome, I truly got a sense of who the characters were.  However, I don’t like Luke Skywalker so much in this book.  Yes, I actually said that and I am as shocked as you all.  I get it Vestara is a Sith, but she’s still a girl and she likes Ben Skywalker []