Day: 19/04/2012

Wednesday Night TV (18 Apr 2012)

Really good episode, considering that this show is called Suburgatory, I like the addition of Eden into the show.  A chick named Eden who offers George an apple.  Very clever, I loved the writing and the ending was hilarious.  The general plot line of this show is hilarious, about city folk moving to the suburbs.  This was just a great episode, I barely even noticed the narration in it, I think it just melded into the storyline, which is good, it’s how []

Catching Fire Director Still Narrowed Down To Two, But It Could’ve Been Attack The Block’s Joe Cornish

The hunt for a new director to take over Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire seems to be winding down, as Deadline reiterates the news we reported two days ago, that Moneyball‘s Bennett Miller and Water For Elephants‘s Francis Lawrence are pretty much the final two contenders. Lawrence may have the edge because Miller seems committed to making Foxfire and doesn’t want to adjust for Catching Fire‘s August start date, but either may still get the job. The most interesting detail of Deadline’s []

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Gets A Release Date

When Silent Hill first came out in 2006, it didn’t exactly change the world. In addition to being largely dismissed by critics, the videogame adaptation made double its budget at the international box office, but here in the US it only managed to make $46 million (it was made for $50 million). In spite of this, a direct sequel was put into production last year and for a while simply sat on the shelf waiting to find a distributor. Today the movie []

Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer To Produce Adaptation Of Lois Duncan’s Down A Dark Hall

In Hollywood it’s all about brands. Studios don’t pump out endless remakes and sequels because they think that there are stories to be told, but rather because they think that a recognizable title or name will draw people into the theater. And when discussing powerful brands you can’t go very long without talking about Stephenie Meyer. Since the Twilight movies launched back in 2008, Meyer has become not only a household name, but a seal of approval as well. Hence why the []

Lionsgate Has Lost Faith In Miley Cyrus’s LOL

LOL was meant to be the next step for former tween queen Miley Cyrus to break out of her child star phase. Here, in her first PG-13 effort, Cyrus plays Lola, a high schooler exploring the tricky terrain of teacher’s crushes, teen sex, alcohol use and other content too hot for the Disney Channel. However, it now seems Cyrus will have to look elsewhere for her game-changing role as Lionsgate has lost interest in LOL, bumping it down from a national release []

Prey 2 Not Cancelled, But Suffers Major Delay

Bethesda has announced that Prey 2 has suffered a major delay. It’s not expected to release this year, with Bethesda putting the delay down to the game’s development not meeting the publisher’s standards. In a statement, Bethesda rather frankly stated, “The delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year.” This of course means that the game hasn’t been cancelled, which had been rumoured in the past, but Bethesda stated that they’re now working to []

de Blob Devs Going Mobile With New Gaming Studio, Three Phase

A new mobile gaming studio aptly named Three Phase has emerged thanks to three former Blue Tongue Entertainment devs. The studio is already working on their first title, which will be for the iOS platform. Paul Baker, Chris Burns, and Drew Morrow make up the three in Three Phase Interactive and Stunt Jumper, an iPhone/iPad title, will be the first game released by the studio. Not a lot of information has been released about the title, however, Stunt Jumper is due to []

Sony Announce God of War: Ascension For PS3

After the game was leaked slightly ahead of schedule, Sony has taken to their official blog to announce God of War 4, which will be called God of War: Ascension. Speaking to the world, the game’s director Todd Pappy said “As most of you were recently made aware, God of War: Ascension will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3. “For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out what the team at Sony Santa Monica Studios has been working []

Dishonored Debut Cinematic Trailer Released

Bethesda have released the debut cinematic trailer for Dishonored, Arcane Studios’ first person action and stealth adventure set in a steam punk world full of betrayal and conspiracy. Framed for the murder of your beloved Empress, you turn from bodyguard to vengeful assassin complete with dark, supernatural powers at your disposal. The game encourages open-ended gameplay, giving you the choice to approach each objective however you want, but at a cost. Every action has a consequence and the outcome of your missions []

An Interview With A Star Wars Legend, About Starlight Inception

Following the success of the Double Fine Kickstarter campaign, many other developers have decided that perhaps the conventional publishing route just isn’t for them. After all, crowd funding is a way to give the fans what they want. It’s a route that Garry Gaber, who is best known for creating some of the best Star Wars games in history, has decided to take for his latest project, Starlight: Inception. It’s a project for the PlayStation Vita and PC and it’s already doing []