Day: 22/04/2012

Sony’s PS3 Exclusive Datura To Release Next Month

By: Lauren Alessandra  (@fozzness) Sony Santa Monica’s extremely mysterious PlayStation Move title Datura is set to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 3 next month in the US and Europe. The titles stems from the effects of the actual toxic drug Datura, which causes great confusion to those who choose to consume it. Its effects can bring extremely realistic hallucinations and can even be fatal. In the game, players must navigate through various areas using the character’s hand. Players can either play the []

How Crysis 3 Can Pick Up The Slack

By: Adam Ma   (@34thGingerbread) It’s interesting how well received Crysis 2 was, and yet at the same time there was still that little bit of disappointment that loomed over it. It wasn’t the graphics and gunplay, as both aspects of the game received universal critical acclaim. No one had anything bad to say about the representation of Manhattan either, the only criticism there being towards its vague similarities to the ‘modern day war’ scenarios that Call of Duty is infamous for. The []

Tippi Hedren Admits She’s Apprehensive About The Birds Movie With Sienna Miller

BLOGGERS NOTE: I remember when I was 12 I saw The Birds on the SciFi network and I couldn’t want under trees for weeks because I was scared birds would attack me.  That movie was truly freaky and frightening.  Only Alfred Hickcock could make something as simple as birds a frightening concept.  Bravo my man. Author: Perri Nemiroff Though Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho is the Hitchcock-centric project making headlines right now, we’ve also got The Girl coming up, which []

GD&TOP with Park Ji Min practicing for SBS Kpop Star [PHOTOS/NEWS]

GD & T.O.P w/ Park Ji Min VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Park Ji Min first met with GD&TOP on April 18 at YG′s practice center in Seoul′s Hapjeong-dong. YG′s head, Yang Hyun Suk, directly oversaw the meeting between the three and the chemistry of the team was said to be astounding. It was said GD&TOP did their best to put Park Ji Min at ease, as they joked around and tried to lighten up the atmosphere. Park Ji Min in return, []