Day: 25/04/2012

SISTAR releases NG version of “Alone” MV

By: pkdance Footage of outtakes from SISTAR‘s “Alone” MV was recently released and has caught the attention of fans. In the clip, rather than SISTAR’s powerful charisma that the group normally exhibit on stage, their goofy and cute actions were captured. The footage shows the members of SISTAR making mistakes while performing their “crane leg dance” choreography, and also bursting into laughter at the awkwardness of their poses and expressions. Fans responded, “After constantly seeing SISTAR’s overwhelming charisma, their mistakes showed a []

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa produces a new song for junior artist Juniel

By: leesa86 CNBLUE‘s lead vocal Jung Yonghwa showed his support for a junior artist. On a recent episode of MBC‘s ‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World‘, Yonghwa was featured producing a new song for junior artist, Juniel. After viewers saw how warmly he offered his advice and counsel to Juniel as her senior artist and producer, the two immediately became one of the most-searched personalities on Korean portal sites. “Who is Juniel?”, netizens asked as they searched for more information, while also saying, []

F.CUZ reveals teaser for new single “No. 1″

By: ehkim35 F.CUZ is finally making a comeback after 1 year and 5 months of inactivity! The group revealed a teaser for their comeback for the first time on Cyworld Music on April 25th at 5 PM KST. “NO. 1“, the title track off of their 3rd mini album ‘F.CUZ‘ (For Century Ultimate Zest), features a unique blend of dubstep, which seems to be a worldwide trend, and an electronic sound. Through the teaser for the single, F.CUZ reveals a more mature []

Five Join Cut Bank Including Armie Hammer, Sir Ben Kingsley And John Malkovich

By: Jesse Carp The crime thriller Cut Bank just added some serious experience to the otherwise freshman affair. The ‘Black List’ script was written by first time feature screenwriter Roberto Patinoa, whose previous credits only include the short-lived yet critically well received remake of Prime Suspect for NBC. Also making his film debut with Cut Bank is director Matt Shakman, again known for his wonderful work in television, including one of the most recent episodes of Mad Men called “Mystery Date.” And while []

Pixar Sets Title For Dinosaur Film, And Director For Dia De Los Muertos Movie

By: Kelly West While we countdown to June for the release of Pixar’s exciting-looking new animated film Brave (check out the latest trailer here!), Pixar is looking ahead at future projects, which include a film based on the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, the “Untitled Pixar Movie that Takes You Inside the Mind” and a dinosaur film that now has a title. We got a number of updates from Pixar at CinemaCon today, the first of which involves their dinosaur film. Has []

Bane’s Audio Clears Up And The Bat Dazzles In New Dark Knight Rises Footage

By: Eric Eisenberg In just a few short months, director Christopher Nolan will be unveiling The Dark Knight Rises, the finale of his Batman trilogy. As we haven’t seen a new trailer since December, many fans have been eagerly anticipating when they might get their next chance to get a look at the film, and it has been revealed that there will be a new trailer for the movie attached to next month’s The Avengers. I, however, just stepped out of the Warner []

Owen Wilson Enlists To Protect His Family From Violent Rebels In The Coup

By: Jesse Carp After several years of being in nothing of any real value, save the odd appearance in a Wes Anderson film or a cameo on Community, last year Owen Wilson wound up with a Golden Globe nomination for his work in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. The role was oddly perfect for the talented Texan and he was so charming that it was easy to overlook the fact that he also starred in the more than forgettable The Big Year []

Ferrell Punches A Baby And DiCaprio Lives The Good Life In First Footage From The Campaign And The Great Gatsby

By: Eric Eisenberg Every year studios travel to Las Vegas to show the attendees at CinemaCon the biggest and best movies on their upcoming slate. Last night it was Paramount’s shot and they revealed not only new footage from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but also gave us our first look at the Tom Cruise-starring adaptation of Lee Child’s One Shot. This morning it was Warner Bros. turn. I’ve already reported on what the studio brought for The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit, []

Rayman Origins 2 Outed By Ubisoft Survey

By: Darryl Kaye (@DarrylGU) A sequel to rather successful platformer Rayman Origins has been outed by a survey sent out by marketing firm Arkenford, on behalf of Ubisoft. The survey stated that “The sequel to Rayman Origins will feature brand new settings: legendary worlds filled with castles, vampires, ghosts, Greek gods or dragons.” In terms of the gameplay, the survey said that Rayman Origins’ multiplayer action would return. However, it also stated that Ubisoft were thinking about toning the level design down, []