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SISTAR releases NG version of “Alone” MV

By: pkdance

Footage of outtakes from SISTAR‘s “Alone” MV was recently released and has caught the attention of fans.

In the clip, rather than SISTAR’s powerful charisma that the group normally exhibit on stage, their goofy and cute actions were captured. The footage shows the members of SISTAR making mistakes while performing their “crane leg dance” choreography, and also bursting into laughter at the awkwardness of their poses and expressions.

Fans responded, “After constantly seeing SISTAR’s overwhelming charisma, their mistakes showed a more friendly side to them”, “It’s cute how the members are awkward about their sexy concept”, “The crane leg dance is harder than it seems”, and “SISTAR definitely has a lot of charms.”

SISTAR is currently taking music charts by storm with “Alone”, and is actively participating in broadcast programs.

Check out the hilarious NG version of “Alone” below!


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