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Big Bang’s Japanese tour set to play in front of 150,000 and gross over $27 million [NEWS]


Big Bang, who made waves earlier this year with their Korean mini-album, is set to embark on a large-scale Japanese tour that is expected to pull in approximately 150,000 people and gross over 31.5 billion won (~$27 million USD).

On May 17th, Big Bang will launch their tour, which will be take place in major Japanese cities such as Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, Saitama, and Fukoka, for a total of 13 shows. Each show will be playing to an audience of over 10,000 people, resulting in a total audience of over 150,000.

The tour was originally set for only 10 shows, but it was increased to 13 after pre-sales for the tickets, which were initially exclusive for fan club members, sold out completely. The competition for the tickets are to a point that there are currently an increase in the number of scalpers who are reselling the tickets online at a large price. Overall, the tour is expected to gross over $27 million just through ticket sales, and is expected to make extensive additional earnings through various merchandise and memorabilia.

Following the Japan tour, Big Bang will kick off a large-scale world tour, which is expected to span over 16 countries and 25 cities across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Anticipation for this tour is extremely high, as Big Bang’s promotional visits to Taiwan and Vietnam earlier this year resulted in a huge turnout of fans at the airport.

Source: StarNews &

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