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Gavy NJ introduces two new members, Jenny and Gunji

By: pkdance

Female vocalist group, Gavy NJ, has revealed the addition of two new members with their comeback around the corner.

Members Heeyoung and Misty left to proceed with their solo activities after the expiration of the contract with their previous agency last May. After moving to a new agency and holding countless auditions, new members Jenny (25) and Gunji (21) were added to reform the group with original member Sihyun.

Jenny hails from Busan and is receiving attention for her participation as a member of the chorus in SG Wannabe and Jang Hye Jin‘s concerts. She is also a graduate of the same school department as 2PM Wooyoung, 2AM Changmin, and Fat Cat.

The other new member, Gunji, is garnering interest as well for her cute visuals and her musical talents that helped her win various music and singing competitions during high school.

Gavy NJ’s agency stated, “Both members have great musical abilities as well as nice visuals, and with the new addition, Gavy NJ plans to return to the scene with fresh music.”

In related news, Gavy NJ is planing for a comeback in the beginning of May.

Source + Photo: TVDaily via Nate &

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