Day: 02/05/2012

Amanda Seyfried Poses In Lace For The New Lovelace Poster

By: Kelly West Since production began on the Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman directed Linda Lovelace biobic, we’ve gotten a few glimpses at the film, including a look at James Franco as Hugh Hefner, an official still of stars Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard as Linda Boreman (a.k.a. Linda Lovelace) and Chuck Traynor respectively, and even a vintage poster of Seyfried as Deep Throat‘s Linda Lovelace. The latest poster for the film, once again, makes good use of Amanda Seyfried’s beauty, and []

Stay Through The Very End Of The Avengers For A Scene Almost No One Has Seen

By: Katey Rich Most of the critics didn’t get to see it at their advance screenings, but moviegoers will be treated to an extra dose of The Avengers this weekend just when they think they’ve seen everything. You probably know by now to stay through the credits for any Marvel movie, since that’s where they toss in the Easter Eggs that set up what’s to come– Thor’s hammer at the end of Iron Man 2, the Avengers teaser after Captain America, etc. []

Luke Evans Offered The Villain Role In Fast And Furious 6?

By: Eric Eisenberg Late last year, just as grumblings about Fast and Furious 6 began, there was a rumor floated that said Jason Statham was being courted to play the villain going up against Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the new installment. The idea was backed by other rumors suggesting that the next story will be played out internationally, hence the need for a European villain. Now it’s looking like Statham is unavailable, but they may have caught another star instead. []

Taeyang and Big Bang featured in K-pop book, "K-pop: Mesmerizing the World" [NEWS]

From a recently published book on Kpop titled K-pop: Mesmerizing the World (People Who Make K-pop) written by Boda webzine editor Kim Hak Seon: “- Taeyang Solar (2010) Solar is the first full-length album by Taeyang, who had, two years earlier, done something rare for an idol group member. With his Hot EP, he had broken through and caught not only the attention of fans, but the attention of critics as well. This full-length album thoroughly satisfied those expectations. In addition to []

Big Bang goes into a Japanese "Ghost House", Tripping and shivering [NEWS]

Group Big Bang went inside a Japanese haunted house. Big Bang featured on the Japanese talk variety show “Catherine” on the 1st. With the question “Scary parts at theme parks are scream machines? Haunted houses?,” Big Bang visited the actual theme park. The strongest member from the visit to the haunted house was Seungri. He first went with G-Dragon and said “I will protect you.” To the ghosts(?) that approached them, he said “You guys are working hard. Play at our concert []

Next Xbox Console Won’t Be At E3 2012

By: Beyhan Moustafa Microsoft has revealed that there will be no news of the upcoming Xbox console at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short. Bloomberg News reporter Dina Bass said in a Tweet “For us, 2012 is all about Xbox 360,” and Microsoft’s Dennis responded by explaining that there will be no talk/show of new Xbox at E3. Kotaku reached out to Microsoft for confirmation on the statement. Microsoft replied with a statement which said, “While we appreciate all []

Motorola Wins Injunction Against Xbox 360 In Germany

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) Motorola has just won an injunction against Microsoft in German in a case which relates to Microsoft using the H.264 video codec without the proper permissions. Motorola are either asking for a complete ban of Microsoft products, or that Microsoft pay them $4 billion a year as a licence fee. Should Motorola win on the first request, it means that the sale of Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and the Xbox 360 would be banned. Despite []

Week 17 2012 Pt. 2

Green Lantern: New Guardians #8 Hunting the Last of the Yellow Lanterns Great issue, I am so happy to see the return of Bleeze.  This was an interesting episode because of the Yellow Lantern Corps.  Sinestro should not and cannot be a Green Lantern.  He is a yellow lantern for heavens sake.  Anyway, I do like Arkillo and I hope that he avenges the Yellow Lanterns.  It was great how they diverged and we got to take a look at other corps []