Day: 05/05/2012

The Avengers

Great movie!  You know I was disagreeing with the commercial statements that this was a must see movie, but I have changed my mind.  This is a must see movie.  Some lines were kind of cheesy but overall they had heart with them.  I liked how the movie progressed.  I mean you had team but they didn’t all just get together and say “yeah! we’re a team”.  Nope, they fought their way to becoming a team, literally, the fought one another and []

Friday Night TV (4 May 2012)

I was not hallucinating when I saw Leonard Nimoy correct.  I mean that was him wasn’t it?  I mean it could have been a double with just his voice over.  I sure hope it was him though.  Anyway, him being in this episode threw me off my groove.  But I was able to follow this episode very well, shocked that William Bell was evil this time.  Astrid better be okay, she can’t die, I mean she was in the future episode, wow []