Day: 08/05/2012

Royal Blood (A Vampire Kisses Novel: Book 6)

Great book.  I realized something as I reading this book.  It’s a lot like Twilight except for a few minor things: it has a plot, wit, good writing, character depth, character development, a great dynamic, realistic characters, making them more 3 dimensional rather than 2 dimensional.  Hmm, I guess it’s nothing like Twilight huh.  Sorry Twilight fans!  I prefer Vampire Kisses to Twilight any day.  Now, back to actual critique of this book.  I liked it a lot.  It was so charming []

Ron Howard Updates On Dark Tower Series Movie

By: Kelly West Whether or not a film and/or TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series ever actually happens remains to be seen, but if it doesn’t it certainly wouldn’t be due to lack of interest from the fans, nor effort or determination from Ron Howard, who is still apparently looking to get a movie made. As of last year, it was looking like Universal was planning to bring King’s fantasy/horror/western series to both the big and small screens with numerous []

Elle Fanning Confirmed For Maleficent, Large Supporting Cast Added

By: Katey Rich The Angelina Jolie-starring Maleficent, which tells the story of Sleeping Beauty with a focus on the wicked queen, is gearing up for production in advance of its March 14, 2014 release, but casting has been remarkably slow. Last week Sharlto Copley entered talks to play the King, and there had been rumors that Elle Fanning might play the sleeping Princess Aurora, but that was pretty much it. Now, in what looks like a big burst of activity, a huge []

Will Smith Producing Remake Of Spanish Comedy Ghost Graduation

By: Kristy Puchko In the wake of his death in 2009, John Hughes’ movies are proving the spirited inspiration for some dark new offerings. Just last week we showed you the trailer of The Loved Ones, a high-school centered horror movies that’s being described as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Sixteen Candles,” and now there’s news that Will Smith’s production company Overbrook Entertainment is looking to remake the recently released Ghost Graduation, an unconventional comedy out of Spain that’s concept is essentially The []

Dark Souls sells 1.19 million

Dark Souls (a game I have been wanting to play for some time now) pushed Namco Bandai to its strongest fiscal year since 2008, the publisher revealed today in its financial results for the year ended March 31. This action role-playing game was the company’s top game of the year selling 1.19 million copies in North America and Europe.  After the game’s launch it was reported to have shipped 1.5 million copies worldwide.  It lit up retailers, with North America leading shipment []

Prototype 2 adding two DLC packs this month

Gamers yearning to wreak more havoc with new weapons and powers in Prototype 2 are in luck. Activision today announced two new downloadable content packs for April’s well-received over-the-top action game. The Colossal Mayhem DLC is available today for all Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users.  The DLC includes the Thermobaric Boom-Stick weapon, as well as force multiplier powers (warp vortex, anti-gravity field, and air time), and three custom skins.  The DLC is free only for owners of the Prototype 2 Blackwatch collectors []

White Vita headed to Japan next month

So Sony Japan is planning a lot for the White Vita.  News confirms that Sony will release it’s new Crystal White PlayStation Vita in Japan next month.  June 28th to be specific.  The White PS Vita will be priced at ¥29,980 ($375) for the Wi-Fi/3G model, and ¥24,980 ($313) for the Wi-Fi-only model.  Seems fair enough. Matching accessories will also be released with the consul, including an ear bud, headset, carrying pouch, leather case and strap.  And since the release is coinciding []

Tetsuya Nomura: Next Kingdom Hearts announcement coming before long

Although Kingdom Hearts 3D has been out in Japan for a month now, today marks the release of the KH3D Ultimania, which contains a great deal of information on the game including staff interviews. Some choice quotes have been pulled from director Tetsuya Nomura concerning the future of the Kingdom Hearts series while clearing up some of the mysteries behind KH3D. Regarding KH3D, there are currently no plans to create a Final Mix version of the game, Asked if the game’s secret []

EA investing $80 million into next-gen this year

Electronic Arts, also known as EA, is apparently investing in the next generation of consoles.  To be more specific, it is investing $80 million in “in development of games for Gen4 console systems.” CEO of EA, John Riccitiello took the stage at Nintendo’s last Electronic Entertainment Expo to confirm support for the Wii U, and suggest that Battlefield 3 could find its way to the system.  A Mass Effect game for the system has been teased but hopes of a Crysis 3 []

Nomura Requests Some Patience on Final Fantasy Versus XIII

By: Banaz After what feels like ages, Tetsuya Nomura mentions some words on Final Fantasy Versus XIII in an interview with GameInformer. However, it may not be the words that you’d want to hear. Although the interview was primarily about Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, GameInformer was able to sneak in a question, inquiring about Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s progress. Nomura responded to the question with the following message: “We would like to ask for your patience on an official announcement for []