Big Bang’s Interview with Mini Magazine (June 2012) [NEWS]



Q: Your blue hair has a huge impact, but is it hard to manage?

TOP: I don’t really do much but styling it is difficult.

Q: How do you relax at home?

TOP: I like spending time on my own, so I watch movies, do some self-reflection. My job is one which requires me to be in front of people, so I do mind-control on myself and prepare myself mentally.

Q: What’s your room like?

TOP: It changes a lot, but right now I’m in the process of changing it into a classical European style.

Q: Contrary to popular opinion, I’m… ?

TOP: A 14 year old boy. Although 10 years have passed since then, I don’t feel that my thinking has really changed.

Q: What kind of fashion do you like in a girl?

TOP: I like people who dress casually.

Q: What do you think about the fashion of the girls in MINI?

TOP: It’s cute. Of course (Laughs)

Q: What have you bought recently in Japan?

TOP: I bought clothes and shoes for my mum. When I saw them I thought they’d really suit her. I don’t know how happy she’ll be though…

Q: You’re so lovely! As a woman I’d want you as my son!

TOP: Really? I’d be a good son? (Laughs)

Q: Apart from looks in a girl, what do you like the most – smell or voice?

TOP: There are guys who go around smelling girls?! For me it’s not about smell or voice or looks, the most important thing is if our personalities fit. Of course, if they smelled good or had a lovely voice, it’d be great (Laughs)

Q: I’m sorry What is the one thing where you think ‘I can’t lose to anyone!’?

TOP: My stage persona. Also at photo shoots I have confidence in expressing myself in front of the camera.

Q: So manly! Women all over the world will be madly in love with you!

TOP: (Blushing) No no, it’s not like that

Q: Who’d make the best father out of the members?

TOP: Everyone. I think I’d make a good father and husband too.

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