Day: 12/05/2012

Friday Night TV (11 May 2012)

Very good season finale.  I can’t believe that was really Leonard Nimoy.  I loved it!  I am such a fangirl sometimes.  I’ve said it a bunch of times, Leonard Nimoy picked the worst inopportune time to retire.  But back to the episode.  The pace of the show was very well.  I loved how the speed with which it went forward.  Leonard Nimoy lost his marbles in this episode.  He was the best part of this episode.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved []

The Raven

Great movie.  I loved this movie, I loved the characterization it was simply magnificent and I 100% would believe it.  I loved the way this movie was designed and written.  I loved the chemistry between the cast and the actors, it was very believable, even so far as to have me questioning reality to see if it really happened as it did in the movie.  Everything about this movie was amazing.  They way that Edgar Allen Poe was presented as well as []