Week 19 2012

21746_900x1350Batman: Arkham Unhinged #2


This is an okay comic, I like the way it ties into the game I said with the previous comic.  I loved it.  Anyway like I said, it was an okay comic.  I liked the artwork, the shading was done very well with the right balance of light cascading in, this is actually a very important concept when you consider that that this is Gotham City turned Arkham City.  Story wise, it was eh, I liked where it was taking up from, giving a bit more back story to the Arkham City game, but it sort of bored me and I wish I could explain why but it doesn’t make me want to buy it.

21703_900x1350Superboy #9

The Culling Part 2 (of 4): Lost Claws

Seriously, the artwork looks like a mess.  I don’t like like it.  The way the bodies are drawn together, they like, putty, I mean the bodies are melded together, sort of form less.  It sucks, it seems very amateurish, sometimes  it looks as though the characters lack necks.  Anyway, onto the writing.  I have always liked the way this comic has been written and with this issue there was no difference.  I absolutely love this story line and the mystery that has further been revealed here has me utterly sucked in.




21741_900x1350Legion Lost #9

The Culling Part 3 (of 4): Unbeatable

And now we come to part 3.  Now, here we go with some decent artwork.  I love this and I love the new costumes, they just make me think “Tron”.  Which is what I love about them, they are unique to this story line and are presented in forms that are similar to their original costumes.  Anyway, although, I was beginning to dislike Dawnstar because of her attitude but in this issue I was beginning to see a glimpse of the original Dawnstar I loved.  Basically I loved the story line with all the Legionnaires.  I will however see how the next issue goes though, should it return to previous writing with some detached characters, I will not be buying it.




21711_900x1350Batman & Robin #9

Night of the Owls: Robin Hears a Hoo

The title of this comic, I could not take seriously.  Okay, now I love P. J. Tomasi, and I love the way he writes, I especially love the way he writes Damien.  I love Damien, I absolutely love him.  With the writing that P. J. Tomasi does, Damien’s future is sealed.  He will be Azreal, Death’s Dark Knight.  Oh the wonders of this story line!  Oh the excitement I have here.  Now, I do have one complaint to this story.  The flashback story, the one about the Owl, that made little to no sense and I couldn’t follow it.  I think the writers, all of them, need to focus on the main objected of the Owls so that the short stories can at the very least be understood.




18913Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic #5 (of 5)

War Part 5 (of 5)

Yay!  No, not yay that it’s over, yay that I finally got to see Jarael at the end of the comic.  Okay, now, artwork over all was decent, there were times when I think the shading and linking on certain facial expressions could have been done better, but I still liked it.  As for writing, eh, this was just okay.  Compared to the original comic, the 50 issues of non-stop awesomeness, the storyline and writing were a bit dull in comparison.  I still bought it because I loved the characters and that couple with the artwork, were redeeming qualities in my opinion.





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