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Yang Hyun Suk reveals why he was prematurely discharged from the military

By: elliefilet

20120515_yanghyunsuk_healingcamp_armyYG Entertainment founder & CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed that he received a ‘discharge due to hardship’ from the military only 8 months after his enslistment.

On May 14th’s broadcast of ‘Healing Camp‘, YG revealed, “I became heartsick after I enlisted in the military because I wasn’t able to dance.”

Yang Hyun Suk continued, “Normally I was fine, but when I was stressed, my heart would beat very fast and my blood pressure would rise, sometimes causing me to faint. After being discharged, I took medication and [my condition] improved. Now, I’ve found my own way to control my heart problems. I take a deep breath, and curl my upper body downwards. Then if I hold my breath for a bit, my rapid heart rate returns to normal.”

His older brother who served as a guest on the episode remarked that he thought the military would make Yang Hyun Suk a more mature person. In response, Yang Hyun Suk remarked, “Just because someone enlists in the military, it doesn’t mean that someone will grow as a person.”

Yang Hyun Suk who was discharged from the military in November of 1991 then debuted with Seo Taiji & Boys in April of 1992.

Source & Image: Donga via Nate, allkpop


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