Day: 19/05/2012

The Dictator

Okay, now this, this was a hilarious movie, I liked it a lot, I mean there were a lot of really wrong things but overall it was clever.  This movie isn’t just mocking dictators, but it is also mocking policies and our government and well, quite frankly, it was witty, clever and over all hilarious.  I could have done without some scenes however, as well as without some of the vulgarity, but I would still watch this movie again.  This is not []

Friday Night TV (18 May 2012)

Okay, now that was one curveball I did not see coming.  I mean, okay SPOILER ALERT, if you haven’t watched the season finale of Grimm then do not read any further.  But anyway, his mom is alive!  I mean I thought that she was dead-dead, that there was no chance of her surviving.  I wonder if her sister ever knew?  Anyway, all in all I liked the way this episode flowed, it had a steady fast paced, it was like bam-bam-bam, not []