Day: 21/05/2012

T.O.P interested in skater Kim Yuna? [NEWS]

Designer, Lee Sang Bong recently made a statement, hinting about Big Bang T.O.P‘s interest in popular skater, Kim Yuna. On May 19th, famous designer, Lee Sang Bong attended the ‘Youth Festival’ in Yeoeuido, Seoul and gave a lecture there. The lecture revolved around Lee Sang Bong’s topic, ‘The Blue Spring Movie that I’m filming’. When Lee Sang bong was asked a question regarding his acquaintance with skater, Kim Yuna, he revealed, “Recently, Big Bang’s T.O.P also asked me whether [I thought] Kim []

Epic Games pushing for ‘quantum leap’ in next-gen hardware power

By: Eddie Makuch, News Editor Epic Games is calling on Microsoft and Sony to offer bleeding-edge visuals with the next wave of consoles, and it believes the Unreal Engine 4 can spur such an advancement in fidelity. In an interview published today at Wired, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski said the company’s proprietary Unreal Engine 4 needs to be at the forefront of next-generation technology. “There is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of our engine team and our studio to []

Big Bang to release "Still Alive" Special Edition on June 6 [NEWS]

Through YG Life, YG Entertainment announced that Big Bang would be releasing a new special edition album titled “Still Alive” on June 6. The track-list contains: Still Alive, Monster (The Title Song), Feeling, Badboy, Blue, Bingle Bingle, Ego, and Love Dust. That is a total of 9 songs. Although this album is a special edition nearly half of the songs are new. A representative of YG stated, “This album is a special one that Big Bang has prepared for the fans that []

Wii U tablet controller revised?

GamesRadar has reported that there have been some changes made to to Wii U tablet controller since it was first revealed at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo. If you look above, you will see that the controller come equipped with new analog sticks as opposed to the 3DS-style circle pads seen on the E3 prototype.  Other changes include a change in location of the Start and Select buttons.  These buttons are now located on a right-hand side of the Wii U tablet.  []

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time hitting PS Vita

Developer Sanzaru Games has announced today that the new game, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, will not be exclusively available on the PlayStation 3.  According to the statement released on the PlayStation Blog, there will be a version available for the PlayStation Vita.  The game will launch at the same time as the PS3 version later this fall. According to a recent article I read on GameSpot, the president of Sanzaru Games, Glen Egan, said that Sly Copper: Thieves in Time for []

Big Bang’s Nagoya concert causes chaos for Japanese railway system [NEWS]

Big Bang‘s recent Japanese concert has brought chaos to the Japanese railway system in Nagoya. Starting on May 17th and 18th, Big Bang kicked off their ‘2012 Alive Tour‘ at the Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan. On May 18th, JR Tokai Railway company halted service at the Kasadera station temporarily due to fear that a large number of people would come in due to Big Bang’s concert. However, the train operator forgot to check on the station status, and passed by Kasadera []

Gearbox Aims To Address Frame Rate, Voice Chat Issues With Borderlands 2

By: Colin Tan   (@unartifex) 2009’s Borderlands was nefarious for several technical issues, and with upcoming sequelBorderlands 2 Gearbox Software are looking to address these issues before it hits retail come September. "We’re entering the phase of development right now where we are focusing on framerate and stability," said Borderlands 2 Producer Matt Charles in a brief Q&A on the US PlayStation Blog. "So it’s too early for me to give any final numbers, but you will see an improvement over the first []

Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed, Ships Early 2013

By: Colin Tan (@unartifex) Aliens: Colonial Marines has slipped into 2013. Elusive little thing isn’t it? Much like those slimy xenomorphs the sci-fi horror series is known for. Colonial Marines was set for release this Spring, which has now come and gone, and was then pushed back for a Fall 2012 release. Publisher Sega have announced today that it is once again pushing the release of the Gearbox Software developed shooter into early 2013: February 12, 2013, to be exact. Moreover, the []

Rolling Stone Magazine: 10 Kpop Bands most likely to break in America [NEWS]

Despite a nearly two-year hiatus, boy band BIG BANG continues to be one of K-Pop’s most established and popular groups. Before their comeback this year, BIG BANG made a statement at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards by winning “Best Worldwide Act.” The award was voted on by fans and saw the group beating out Britney Spears and other popular artists from all regions. The group reemerged with their Alive EP, which included mid-tempo R&B-influenced ballads like “Blue” and high-energy bangers like []

BioWare Brings Back Voice Actors For Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC

By: Colin Tan   (@unartifex) BioWare is evidently hard at work to bring forth its announced Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3, which bridges together a more cohesive end to the sci-fi trilogy. Voice actors Tricia Helfer, Lance Henriksen and Raphael Sbarge have all confirmed returning to the studio to reprise their roles as EDI, Admiral Hackett and Kaiden Alenko, respectively, suggesting that production on the free DLC is on schedule for its announced summer release. “I’m voicing some more Mass Effect []