Day: 24/05/2012

Wednesday Night TV (23 May 2012)

This was a hilarious episode.  Oh my lord they were in a real life telenovella, that was hilarious.  I watch Novellas so it was especially hilarious for me.  Anyway I loved this episode and the ending was something I had not expected.  I can’t believe she’s pregnant.  Oh but I have to say this again.  I am love this, I love all the characters except for Claire.  She is rude, obnoxious, always thinks she’s right.  She is uptight and yeah, I am []

Haunting Shadows©

The shadows kept Drawing her in She wished that she Could leave them behind But they kept coming and coming With unbearable sadness They wanted her Wanted her to feel Nothing but despair Her legs ran Faster and faster She wanted to escape The darkness that sought her It chased after him Unyielding Calling her name again and again With such a sweet temptation It offered her love But why love for despair? No, she would not stop running Would not stop []