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Wednesday Night TV (23 May 2012)

Modern FamilyThis was a hilarious episode.  Oh my lord they were in a real life telenovella, that was hilarious.  I watch Novellas so it was especially hilarious for me.  Anyway I loved this episode and the ending was something I had not expected.  I can’t believe she’s pregnant.  Oh but I have to say this again.  I am love this, I love all the characters except for Claire.  She is rude, obnoxious, always thinks she’s right.  She is uptight and yeah, I am tired of her, I hate her quite simply and I think as the show progresses she just gets worst.  Writers really need to work on her character.

Revenge_titlecardWow, what a way to end the season.  It was such an explosive episode.  Literally.  It was a good episode and I enjoyed it a lot.   It was a good episode but as far as the pacing of the show goes, I kept looking at my clock thinking “wow, it’s not over yet.”  I mean it was good, I liked it but I think there could be some improvement.

Note:  Both shows were renewed for another season.


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