Day: 29/05/2012

Jeremy Renner Protects Rachel Weisz In Latest The Bourne Legacy Image

By: Sean O’Connell We’re warming up to the idea of Jeremy Renner as the latest trainee in the ultra-secret Bourne spy program. Nothing against Mr. Renner, who was outstanding in such films as The Town and The Hurt Locker (and held his own alongside some titans of personality in The Avengers). Matt Damon just gave Renner some massive shoes to fill. How does Renner get a head start in winning us over? Well, grabbing Rachel Weisz as a co-star for The Bourne []

The Host Set Video Shows Caves, Stunts And The Filming Of A Dramatic Scene

By: Kelly West Those who are greatly anticipating the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host have only to wait until March of next year to see how the story will look on the big screen. In the meantime, some behind the scenes footage of the film has made its way online, giving us a look at the set for the film and some of the stunts performed. (Vague story spoilers ahead!) Based on a novel by Twilight‘s Stephenie Meyer, The Host []

Simon Pegg Swears Khan Is Not The Villain In Star Trek 2

By: Katey Rich It’s the rumor that simply won’t die. As much as J.J. Abrams has sworn up and down that the villain in his Star Trek sequel is not Khan– back when Benicio del Toro was pegged for the central villain role, and again when Benedict Cumberbatch was cast instead– the Internet has been insistent on believing that Captain Kirk and company will be facing off against Khan Noonien Singh. Khan, if you’re not up to date on the plot of []

The Dark Knight Rises Screenwriter Hints At An Emotional Ending

By: Katey Rich Only for a movie as hugely anticipated as The Dark Knight Rises can the vaguest bit of information about the ending be considered spoiler-worthy. But just as fans of Harry Potter spent years pondering what J.K. Rowling meant when she said she had already written the last line of the last book, screenwriter David S. Goyer’s recent hints about the ending of The Dark Knight Rises— and the finale of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman films– can make your []

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 2 was in pre-production – Report

By: Eddie Makuch, News Editor The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel that 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling confirmed was in the works in February was in pre-production, and was aimed at “improving everything,” Joystiq reports. Unnamed sources told the site the team at Big Huge Games wanted to make a sequel with better graphics, no loading screens between zones, expanded combat animations, fewer branching quests, and the ability for players to affect the game world at a deeper level. 38 Studios went []

Platinum’s Anarchy Reigns Gets Delayed

By: Lauren Alessandra   (@fozzness) For those of you hoping to get your ‘Anarchy’ on in July, you might have to wait a bit longer as Platinum Games has just listed Anarchy Reigns’ Western release date as ‘To Be Confirmed’, although it’s not quite as bad as you might think. Apparently the work on the actual title is finished, Sega has decided to delay the game a bit as they look for the best time to release it. “We’re still 100 per cent []

Ys Origin Hitting Steam This Week

By: Shawn Collier   (@ShawnCollier) Earlier this year XSEED Games brought Ys: The Oath in Felghana to PC owners via Valve’s digital distribution system Steam. The publisher has announced that their follow-up release, Ys Origin, will be hitting the service later this week. Serving as a prequel to the original title in the now legendary Ys series, Ys Origin is the first Ys title not to feature red-headed series hero Adol Christin or his faithful companion, Dogi. Originally released in Japan for PC []

Skyrim Patch 1.6 Adds Mounted Combat

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) Bethesda Softworks has announced that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 1.6 will add a whole host of features, but the biggest is that mounted combat will now be possible. This is a huge addition for the game, as it means you won’t have to get off your trusty steed every time you want to smite some foes. Instead, you’ll be able to stab them with a sword, or used ranged combat if that’s more your thing. Alongside []

E3 2012: Top 10 Most Anticipated Games

By: Jordan Douglas With E3 just around the corner, anticipation for the gaming industry’s biggest annual showcase is now far past the boiling point. Alongside the major announcements from Nintendo on the Wii U, and surely some big moves from Sony on Vita, the list of games for E3 2012 is, as usual, truly staggering. With that in mind, the following is a list of my most-anticipated games for next week’s show. [Note: This rankings includes titles which have either been confirmed []

E3 2012: Microsoft Conference Predictions

By: Adam Ma   (@34thGingerbread) When it comes to exclusive games and big hit franchises, Microsoft hasn’t really been too impressive as of late. 2011 was certainly filled with some pretty big hits, most of which were multiplatform, but when it came to being an Xbox 360 owner there really wasn’t too much to brag about. Sure we saw Gears of War 3 and Forza 4, and if you were a Kinect owner with children there may have been a couple redeeming titles []