Month: June 2012

YG Entertainment and Samsung’s Cheil Industries partners to launch new global fashion line [NEWS]

YG Entertainment is looking to launch its own global fashion line. YG Entertainment and Samsung’s Cheil Industries announced a partnership on June 28, with the two companies looking to launch a new global young fashion business. According to the two group’s plans, a new global fashion brand will be launched that combines Korea’s culture and fashion and targets individuals in their teens through 20s all over the world. A representative for Cheil Industries said, “Cheil Industries and YG will work to create []

Big Bang going to China for Alive Tour, 3 cities confirmed [NEWS]

Update from Big Bang’s Weibo: Big Bang fans have been waiting for a long time! Big Bang is confirmed to have concerts in China. July 21 in Shanghai, July 28 in Guangzhou and August 4 in Beijing. More concert information will be available at Big Bang’s Weibo. Translated by realjiyong @ & Big Bang Updates

Professional dancers pick the best idol dancers [NEWS]

A team of professional dancers have made their picks of the best dancers among idol groups. On the June 26 broadcast of MBC’s Show Champion, a team of professional dancers were surveyed on who the best dancers were among idol groups. Despite a competitive pool, the top four that were selected were Big Bang’s Taeyang, Jay Park, former After School member Kahi and Hyuna from 4Minute. The four beat out some other well-known dancing machines including U-Know Yunho of DBSK (TVXQ), MBLAQ’s []

Toriyama: Final Fantasy XIII Season 2 was the concept title for Final Fantasy XIII-2

By: Erren Van Duine If you recall back in January 2011 a leaked Square Enix release schedule made mention of a “Final Fantasy XIII Seasons” scheduled for later that year. Nothing ever came of it and most people had assumed it was just an error or perhaps a rerelease of the first game. We now know that wasn’t the case – in fact it was the concept name for Final Fantasy XIII-2 when it was still in the early stages of the []

Meet the Dream Eaters in this new Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix has released yet another video in their gameplay series for Kingdom Hearts 3D. This time the focus is on the Dream Eaters, which can be linked to both Sora and Riku as secondary party members. Dream Eaters can be bred to learn new attacks and abilities. Source: Nova Crystallis  

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Very good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and no you do not need to see this movie in 3D. The special effects throughout the movie were very well done. What I also liked about the movie was the creation of the Vampires. They looked like vampires, tempting but frightening to look at all the same. That is how vampires are supposed to be done. Now onto acting. I enjoyed the acting and the way they portrayed their characters was splendid. Near the []

Square Enix CEO admits company isn’t making Final Fantasy games that exceed the quality of FFVII

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix held their annual shareholders meeting today and Japan, which consisted of a brief Q&A held by CEO Yoichi Wada. While a good majority of the discussion focused on the economy, Eidos and Dragon Quest X, someone else decided to question the oft-requested Final Fantasy VII remake. In response to the question, Wada said, “we’ll make a Final Fantasy VII remake once we’ve made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FFVII. The company is []

The CW Fall 2012-2013 Schedule Shifts Almost Everything, Promises Gossip Girl’s OMFG Final Season

By: Katey Rich Though a lot of familiar shows will be returning to the CW for the upcoming 2012-2013 season, you might have to look a lot harder to find them. In addition to introducing three new hourlong series, with two more planned for midseason, the CW shuffled the nights and times of nearly all of its current programming– onlyThe Vampire Diaries is staying put, at 8 p.m. on Thursday nights. 90210 andGossip Girl will now be paired on Monday nights, Hart []

Emile De Ravin To Return To Once Upon A Time As Series Regular For Season 2

By: Kelly West Once upon a time, Lost beauty Emilie de Ravin played on a recurring guest starring role in ABC’s fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time. Those who appreciated her take on Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle will be happy to learn that she’s not only returning to the series for Season 2, but that we may be seeing much more of her this time around. Read no further if you aren’t caught up on Season 1 of Once Upon []