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Love Through A Broken Mind©

Do we think alike?
It seems like we do.
Sort of makes me smile
And wonder
What kind of connection
We have.
Do we have one?

It must be wishful thinking
(I’m always wishful thinking)
I’m hopeful
Maybe a little in love?

Oh dear
Oh me
Oh my
What has become of me?

I’m as giddy as I used to be

What happened to my attitude?
I’m usually so tough

The broken heart
I used to have
Healed so long ago

But still
Letting someone in
Letting someone that close
Not something I’m used to
Not anymore.

Oh woe is me
(I laugh at myself)
I may be in love
(I scold myself)
What is love?

Love is opening who I am
My past and stories
I would rather were hidden
Forever and always
Buried six feet down

Love is getting hurt
Or maybe that’s just my ill perception of it.

Woe is me
(I laugh at myself)
What the heck is wrong with me?

Oh well
I’ll shrug
I’ll deal with things as they come
Even if it means
A broken heart

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