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Big Bang is King of Album Sales in Korea for the First Half of 2012 [NEWS]

bb_kingsAlready halfway through 2012, Big Bang has proven it is the king of album sales in Korea.

According to sales figures, Big Bang’s mini album Alive, which was released in February, and Big Bang’s recently released special album Still Alive have sold a combined total of 400,000 copies, making the group the best selling artist in Korea for the first half of 2012.

As of the first week of June, Alive has sold 280,000 copies while the special edition album, Still Alive has sold 120,000 copies, bringing the combined total to 400,000.

Coming in a distant but respectable second was Girls′ Generation (SNSD) unit group Taetiseo, whose debut album Twinkle sold 120,000 copies.

With these numbers, many suspect Big Bang will pass the half million mark in album sales this year. A source from album distributor KMP Holding stated, “Approximately 420,000 copies [of Big Bang’s albums] have been distributed and most already sold in the markets. Big Bang is definitely the winner of album sales for the first half of this year and we expect the group will easily pass the 500,000 sales mark.”

Big Bang’s success in 2012 isn’t only limited to Korea as reflected by the popularity of its music videos this year.

As of June 15, the music videos for Fantastic Baby and Blue each recorded 27.6 million views and 23.28 million views respectively to make them the top two most-watched K-Pop music videos so far this year.

Furthermore, the YG Store on eBay, which opened on June 7, recorded first-day sales of 12,000 U.S. dollars on Big Bang’s albums and Big Bang merchandise alone.

With the first half of 2012 having been dominated by Big Bang, all eyes are on Super Junior who is expected to take over for the latter half of 2012. Many are betting Super Junior will be the new ruler of album sales in Korea when it makes its return in July, but the question remains on how it will measure up against Big Bang.

Source: eNewsworld & Big Bang Updates

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