Week 26 2012 Pt. 1

18009Star Wars: Blood Ties #3 (of 4)

Boba Fett is Dead Part 3 (of 4)

Good issue. I love the whole introduction of the family of Boba Fett.  I mean I’ve read all about them so having them in the comics and knowing what is going to happen in the future is kind of awesome.  That being said, even if I didn’t know what was going to happen I love the way that this story takes place and how it is written.  There is a lot of depth presented here in the Boba Fett storyline.  Also the fact that you had Vader here, and Boba Fett was able to just slide on by was awesome.  These two characters are awesome.  As for the arkwork, I love it.  I love the smooth texture of this comic and the detail that goes into every page.  It’s like a painting, every page.  I would like to see more definition in the pencilling but overall I love it.



Flash_10The Flash #10

Weather Wizard

Yay!  This comic is beginning to pick up speed.  Don’t get me wrong I love this comic and I love Patty.  Flash and Patty need to end up together.  They work better than he did with Iris.  I mean with her it felt as though they were trying to hard to duplicate the Lois & Clark equation.  But I guess Patty and Flash can’t happen yet.  I mean just think of Flashpoint and everything that Patty did to try and save Bart.  It was awesome and amazing.  Sad that Manapul didn’t do the artwork in this comic, but still the artwork was good.




SM_Cv10Superman #10

Secrets & Lies Part 2

Good comic.  I liked the Anguish and I hope that we get to see more of her as a vigilante rather than a villain.  The way her character was created and the way that Superman dealt with her was sweet.  Now, what bothers me about this comic is the fact that D. Jurgens, the man who wrote the Death of Superman, has made Superman, as Clark, a pushover.  I mean this guy is supposed to be Lois’ competition, that’s they way it has always been, it’s why they work together and it’s why Lois soon begins to love him, the man behind the cape.  That’s my main issue with this comic.  Over all though I like the artwork and the change in the costume and I’m sticking with it in the hopes that the comic will pick up and the character of Clark and the chemistry between Clark & Lois will begin soon.



GLNG_Cv10_R1_0Green Lantern: New Guardians #10

Beyond Hope Conclusion

It’s nice to see the Blue Lanterns really fight it out.  I love Kyle and the others.  This is a great team and a great dynamic and it’s awesome and amazing.  I absolutely love it.  This is a great comic, I had the chance this weekend to actually meet T. Bedard.  I fan-girled out and told him what a fan I was.  I love this comic and I love how he has been able to make the team work.  The dynamic fits and the artwork is cool too.  What I love about this comic is it brings together the other lanterns as well as highlighting their strengths and turning them into friends. in their own way.  It’s awesome.  Great comic, I recommend it to all.



JUSTL_Cv10Justice League #10

The Villain’s Journey: Chapter Two: The Belly of the Beast

Great comic.  I’m confused by this villain however.  Don’t get me wrong, I mean I like him, he is interesting and the way he handled the team is cool, although I think he may be a little too powerful.  But that’s what makes him a cool villain for this team.  (they should bring in Green Arrow; just saying).  I am excited to know how he became this villain, how he got from point A to point B.  That’s what keeps me interested.  I mean the writing is cool and I love the artwork here.  It’s awesome and the way the characters were written well, it captures the essence of when they were first created which is amazing.  Not to mention Cyborg, he works.  I was recently watching the cartoon the Super Power Friends, and Cyborg was there before he was ever part of the Teen Titans.  That’s why he works, this is his original team and it fits.  It’s amazing.  DC is bringing this comic not only back to it’s roots, but the characters as well.



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