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Week 26 2012 Pt. 2

IVAMP_Cv10I, Vampire #10

Waiting For The End of The World

Very good issue. I like the story here and I’m glad that a great number of Vampire’s have been killed in this issue by the Val Helsing’s. The story told here was awesome. However, I am not a big fan of the artwork. I mean I like it and I think that it suits the story in a way, but it is a little too distracting and takes away from the story. It’s not really all that easy on the eyes but it has a certain appeal to the story of these vampires. As you can see I have a love hate relationship with the artwork. I do like the writing here and the story very much. It’s pretty darn cool.



AQM_Cv10Aquaman #10

The Others Chapter Four

I never did like Black Manta, but I will always love Aquaman. This is a great story to follow the previous arc. I loved the story of Aquaman being a vigilante, more like Batman, vengeful dark. It’s a pretty cool take on Aquamans past. And his team members are pretty awesome as well. This is a great take on Aquaman, it’s exciting and wonderful and I love it.




JUSTLD_Cv10Justice League Dark #10

The Black Room Part 2

Very good issue.  This was a nice turn of events.  I especially loved the Xanadu vision part of the story.   It was awesome.  This team is wicked cool.  I mean here you have the darker parts of the Justice League work.  You have a team that was brought together only by happenstance who are still sticking together.  But of course, you also have John Constantine who is a giant horses’ rear.  I love Zatana’s new costume and I love the fact that she is working very well with this team and is able to keep John in line…most of the time.  The writing here is awesome, the storyline is also pretty awesome.  I still don’t think Black Orchid really fits here but everyone else does.  The darker side of things always very good…when done right.



TT_Cv10Teen Titans #10

Sour Feelings

I love this comic.  Seriously, the we all know the Wonder Girl and Superboy thing is going to happen but since the beginning there has been something between Wonder Girl and Red Robin.  So when the Superboy and Wonder Girl thing ends she should date (and end up with) Tim Drake.  I know a lot of you may not like my idea but super heroes dating other super heroes doesn’t really work…or end well.  I mean you have Lois & Clark, Barry & Patty, Hal & Carol, and Bruce & Selina.  Okay the last two are a bit different that the first two but the idea still stands.  One is a superhero the other isn’t.  And I got off topic.

All right you heard my idea back to my critic!  I love that these teens all have a darker side, they are all shades of grey trying to do good.  They work together and they are a team.  This comic works better than the previous one before the reboot.  Wonder Girl was a wimp and her and Superboy just didn’t work.  And really?  Jeans and a t-shirt for those two (WG & SB), come on.  Even the costume changes in this comic are awesome and the lasso of rage, that is so cool!  In my own comic that I’m writing I had that.  These teens all have darker sides and they all are willing to fight.  Not to mention they all have legitimate costumes.  I love this comic.




Let me know what you think :)

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