Wednesday Night TV (11 Jul 2012)

So You Think You Can DanceFinally another season of So You Think You Can Dance?  Man, I have been waiting all summer for this to go on.  I would like to put this on the record.  I am no dance expert but this show has, in ways, corrupted me.  Lets begin shall we.

  • TOP 20 Dance

First and foremost I would like to say that this top 20 were better than last years, although they weren’t 100% in sync, when they weren’t in sync it wasn’t painfully noticeable.  I liked how they performed this number but I didn’t like the number itself.  This routine would have better been performed with less people.  The desks made the stage too cluttered and there wasn’t a lot of actual dancing.

  • Dance #1 (Whitney & Chehon)

I expected Whitney to do well in her own genre and she did.  Chehon is a ballet dancer and you could tell that this was out of his genre.  His shoulders were a little to stiff at times, well his torso was and although he did a good job I could tell that this was out of his field.  Whitney though was flawless, she had great footwork and lines although she’s a ballroom dancer.   All I can say is that it’s a good thing Chehon was partnered with her.

  • Dance #2 (Tiffany & George)

I always love Sonya routines and this was another one of hers that I loved a lot.  There was so much passion in this dance and both dancers delivered it well.  I loved their lines and one thing that Sonya always puts into her dances is strength, she asks for a lot of strength in her dances and these two delivered.  They had flawless lines and connected with each other not only as dancers but as the characters they were needed to be.  A simply beautiful dance, I loved it.

  • Dance #3 (Janaya & Brandon)

A hip hop routine that was truly something to watch.  Brandon got into character, he owed this routine.  I mean he is a hip hopper but man he made this piece his own and it truly was something to take into account.  Janaya was good, but she didn’t have as much fire as I would have liked.  I mean she nailed the moves, she got the dance and also got into character, but man, Brandon out shined her in this routine because of his depth into the character, I mean you could just see it in his face.  Janaya needed to hit some of the moves harder and tighten her core a little bit more when she did some of the moves.  That’s just my opinion though.

  • Dance #4 (Alexa & Daniel)

I love Alexa she is one of my favorites.  This dance however was not.  I blame it more on the choreographer than anything.  I think when he heard he was getting to very well trained dancers he thought he could and should give them a technical dance.  That was the problem, the dance was to technical, focused on technicalities it didn’t allow much room for dancing it, which also didn’t allow much room for them to connect as dancers.  It was performed, the lines were there, the chemistry between the dancers was there.  On those aspects it was good.

  • Dance #5 (Amber & Nick)

Now this was a really beautiful Viennese Waltz.  Amber had great lines and Nick was there for her 100%.  The moves wer beautiful it was as though they were gliding over the stage.  It looked flawless.  I mean that’s all I can say.  Amber had such beautiful lines and she handled her hands well.  What I mean by that is she didn’t make awkward hand gestures as she danced, it was a very well performed dance, I absolutely loved.

  • Dance #6 (Amelia & Will)

By far my favorite routine of the night!  Amelia and Will have such great chemistry and personalities.  They performed a great hip hop routine that didn’t even look like it was hip hop.  To me these two are the couple to beat because I mean, they are great, they were great and I loved it.  They were enjoyed the dance they were in PERFECT sync.  They were dancing together constantly and it was just a fun dance to watch.  Fave of the night!

  • Dance #7 (Janelle & Dareian)

Good routine, it had a lot of energy, fast paced and almost non stop.  Here you could tell that Janelle was the better dancer.  She has more flexibility, and a lot more energy.  It was prominent through the dance that he was trying to keep up with her.  Over all though, it was a good dance, a lot more dancing than the earlier routine that Sean Cheesman gave to Alexa and Daniel.  The footwork for this dance was demanding and they nailed it.  Were they 100% in sync?  No, but they were able to keep tabs on one another and be there and they danced the routine very well.

  • Dance #8 (Cyrus & Eliana)

…um…poor Tyce, poor Broadway.  I like Cyrus, don’t get me wrong I really do, but I don’t think that he should be here.  During Vegas week there were plenty of times when he should have been sent home.  There were other dancers who could dance better than him, and quite honestly, the judges were playing favorites with him and it was unfair.  Be that as it may, he’s here, he’s a nice guy and he had good musicality, but the routine itself was lacking, it was performed well but it was painful for me to watch.

  • Dance #9 (Audrey & Matt)

Travis is such a romantic.  Here you had a Titanic themed dance.  It was beautiful but it looked as though Matt had more dancing in the routine and that Audrey was just someone he threw around and caught.  She had beautiful lines, but I felt like she didn’t get the opportunity to dance much.  It was a sweet dance though and I praise these two for being able to form the mature connection that they needed to form in order to make this routine portray what Travis wanted it to portray.

  • Dance #10 (Lindsey & Cole)

OMG! This was such a great routine.  I love Cole, I mean I love him.  He has such great control over his body.  I mean the amount of control that he has is magnificent!  It’s astounding!  There was so much fire and passion in this routine it blew me away.  It was a boring routine but the way that these two danced it gave it so much fire, so much passion, it just blew me away.  I loved this routine!  Great way to end the night.

(NOTE: Nigel Lithgo is the Mad Hatter)


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