Day: 14/07/2012

World War Z Faces Even More Production Problems And Brad Pitt’s Silent Treatment

By: Katey Rich World War Z is one of the more famously troubled productions we’ve been following lately, with delays happening before production even began, then a pushed-back release date and, most recently, seven weeks of reshoots and a complete rewrite of the screenplay. With the source material being Max Brooks’s excellent faux-historical novel, World War Z seemed to still have the potential to pull it together and make something of itself, but the latest news from the set suggests things are []

The Bride Wore Blood In Red Band REC 3 Trailer

By: Kristy Puchko A wedding is a time for solemnity, celebration and joy as two people join hands and bind their lives together until death do they part. Of course, for some death comes fast. In [REC]³ Génesis, the third infected persons thriller from Paco Plaza, the heinous blood-borne virus that turns civilized people into flesh-craving monsters has escaped the apartment building plagued in [REC] and [Rec] ², and made its way to what was a charming wedding. You know, until the []

The Amazing Spider-Man

Now here is amazing movie that did the Spider-Man comics justice.  Not only did it stay true to the comics but it went back to the roots.  And you’re talking to a girl who has the original first 6 issues of Spider-Man so I know the roots.  This movie was amazing and the Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker love story is always something I have been a fan of.  I mean I simply love those two characters and they fit together like []