EA ‘not abandoning’ Battlefield 3

By: Eddie Makuch Yesterday, Electronic Arts officially took the lid off Battlefield 4, confirming the game was in development, and revealing a beta for the shooter would arrive during fall 2013 for those who preorder Medal of Honor Warfighter. Today, EA community manager Ian Tornay has responded to questions about the announcement on Reddit, saying EA will continue to support Battlefield 3 while it also … Continue reading EA ‘not abandoning’ Battlefield 3


Microsoft hiring for next-gen Halo

Well it would seem things are looking good for Halo.  The new internal Microsoft Halo house 343 Industries (that was a mouthful), appears to be working on a next generation halo game.  Job listing at the Redmond Washington shop seek a graphics developer and a FC technical artist to join a team that will “drive the future of Halo”. Of course, just like any job, … Continue reading Microsoft hiring for next-gen Halo

Valve porting Steam to Linux

By: Connor Sheridan Valve wants Steam to pour forth onto Linux users, and the company is starting with Ubuntu and a work-in-progress Left 4 Dead 2 port. The developer’s efforts to mesh the digital distribution platform (and an accompanying library of Valve titles) with the open-source operating system were outlined on a post on the new Valve Linux Blog. The project, which began in 2011, … Continue reading Valve porting Steam to Linux