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Relationships: Are They Ever Perfect?

Healing HeartWho said the perfect relationship was perfect?  It never is, couples fight, it’s human nature and often times they say things they quickly regret but are so full of pride that they can’t apologize.  Yes, I am one of those dummies who lets her stupid temper get the better of her and says the worst thing imaginable but I can’t seem to apologize.

This isn’t just about me though.  We see it all the time on TV shows.  Couples argue and often times it gets violent.  Now those violent relationships are the ones that need to end.  But those that consist of arguing, not really.  [Note: Writing this makes me feel like Carrie from Sex in the City]  If you love a person it shouldn’t matter how much you argue, it shouldn’t matter how much you break up and get back together, some relationships just work that way.  I mean if you love the person you are with and they love you back, then does it really matter how much others may disapprove of it?

Relationships are never perfect, but then again, as long as you are happy with the person you are with, if at the end of the day you find yourself missing them and wanting to be with them and cursing yourself for being selfish and stubborn, then that person is the person you love and want to be with and if most days are good, then in my opinion, that is the perfect relationship.  Others would disagree but who cares, if what you believe and think that truly matters in my opinion.

Also, if you’re like me and super stubborn, try saying sorry when you know you’re in the wrong.  It helps. Winking smile


Let me know what you think :)

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