Day: 04/08/2012

Bill Murray Officially Out Of Ghostbusters 3

BLOGGERS NOTE: It’s not worth seeing without Bill Murray. By: Sean O’Connell Good news! After months of back-and-forth and very public “will he or won’t he” discussions, Dan Aykroyd now claims, on the record, that Bill Murray will not be involved with an ill-advised Ghostbusters sequel. Bad news! Aykroyd’s going ahead with the sequel anyway. The comedian spoke with the UK magazine Metro, and inevitably was asked about the state of the ever-in-flux Ghostbusters 3. Aykroyd said they have a “brilliant” new []

Nicole Kidman Could Reunite With Lars Von Trier For The Nymphomaniac

By: Sean O’Connell Very few actresses agree to work with Lars von Trier a second time. Either the demanding rigors of a Von Trier production break their spirit, or the director says something inflammatory about the Nazi party during a press conference in Cannes. Either way, the auteur often makes it difficult to maintain a working relationship, though one of his most celebrated collaborators might be gearing up for “Lars: Round Two.” Nicole Kidman, who starred in Von Trier’s minimalistic masterpiece Dogville, []

Ice Age 3: Continental Drift

This was really an adorable movie.  Was it better than Madagascar?  No, it wasn’t.  It didn’t have the feel of a conclusion at the end and it certainly wasn’t as evolving and tender.  It was a good movie and I did enjoy it.  I liked the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Wanda Sykes, their characters really were cool and they did help a lot with the development of this movie.  What I think though is they should have planned that this movie []