Day: 08/08/2012

Tekken boss interested in one-console future

By: Eddie Makuch Outspoken Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has sounded off on what the industry could look like if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo were to join forces. Speaking to Australian news outlet, Harada said he believes the potential for industry innovation would be "endless" if the Big Three were to someday build hardware together. “I think it would be interesting if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo got together just to make one console,” Harada said. “It makes me very happy to think []

Lee Kwang Soo hangs up Kim Jong Kook’s ‘Running Man’ name tag on his wall

By: schmangela Lee Kwang Soo has brought laughter to many ’Running Man‘ fans with his one-of-a-kind display. On August 7th, the cast member posted the photo above on his twitter along with the words, “My mom framed the name tag I ripped off Jong Kook hyung’s back ♡” It turns out the actor’s mom had decided to commemorate her son’s achievement on the latest episode of ‘Running Man’ by framing Kim Jong Kook‘s name tag, and in turn, the actor had hung []

INFINITE’s Dongwoo & miss A’s Min tweet their support for new duo “Tasty”

As Woollim Entertainments new new ‘Tasty’ makes their debut, other groups have been showing their support.  Notably, INFINITE’s Dongwoo.  Dongwoo recently showed their support by tweeting: “Hahaha I’m in a good mood ~.~ Our INFINITE now has a new family!!! Hehe you’re curious, right~!? A new hot! Shocking! Family~ They’ll be revealed today on Youtube.. Who wants to watch it with me..” Miss A’s Min also showed her support for her old trainee partners by tweeting: My good friends ‘tasty’ is coming []

Woollim Entertainments New Duo Group Tasty Releases Deput Album “Spectrum”

I can certainly say that I have been interested in this group after their various teasers.  But now they have finally made their debut. The duo is made up of twins ‘Jung Daeryong‘ and ‘Jung Soryeong‘.  Tasty has received training from top-choreographers who have worked with many artists like Beyonce, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo in  America.  Both boys were former JYP Entertainment trainees who worked as back up dancers for J.Y. Park’s comeback stage.  Given that news I can certainly say I []

EvoL Reveals 4th Member ‘J-DA’

EvoL, the new rookie girl group has revealed a new member in their group.  She is J-DA.  I have to say these girls look as though they are pulling off their own bad girl flair with ease and brilliance.  Just look at the previous girls as well as the picture of lovely bada** looking J-DA below. The little skulls, the spider lashes and buck stare, yes I used the term buck to quote Lil-C from “So You Think You Can Dance?”.  These []

Weeks 30 & 31 Pt. 2

Batman Beyond Unlimited #6 Batman & Superman Good comic, I prefer the Superman story in the beginning as well as the ending story.  What I liked about this comic is that it’s not earth 1.  Other than that what I like is the fact that the stories split into more than one.  It’s surrounds all the members, often splitting up into just Superman and then Batman.  That is both unique and awesome.  Three stories in one and it works. WRITER: A. BEECHEN, []