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Lee Kwang Soo hangs up Kim Jong Kook’s ‘Running Man’ name tag on his wall

By: schmangela

20120806_Leekwangsoo_nametagframeLee Kwang Soo has brought laughter to many ’Running Man‘ fans with his one-of-a-kind display.

On August 7th, the cast member posted the photo above on his twitter along with the words, “My mom framed the name tag I ripped off Jong Kook hyung’s back ♡

It turns out the actor’s mom had decided to commemorate her son’s achievement on the latest episode of ‘Running Man’ by framing Kim Jong Kook‘s name tag, and in turn, the actor had hung it up on the center of a wide wall, commanding the attention of all who pass by.

As many fans of the show are aware, each of the ‘Running Man’ members were assigned characters that fit each individual. Lee Kwang Soo was named the ‘giraffe’ whereas Kim Jong Kook is known as the ‘tiger’. Like their respective herbivorous and carnivorous characters, their relationship on the show reflects that of a predator and its prey.

However, on the most recent broadcast of the show, Lee Kwang Soo was given the heaven-sent opportunity to betray his fellow Red Team member Kim Jong Kook during a chaotic moment, which he took full advantage of as he ripped off the “tiger”s name tag and ran away shaking in fear while cheering in victory. In response to the situation, Kim Jong Kook stated, “Next week I’ll rip your name off in a way that the situation has to be blurred out on television,” drawing the laughter of everyone.

Source: allkpop

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