Day: 10/08/2012

Justice League Movie or Justice League Dark Movie? My vote is on…

I don’t know about many of you guys but I think a Justice League movie is never going to happen.  It would require to much money and in the end, who knows, maybe it wouldn’t even cover the cost.  The Avengers, look at that movie, how many actually had super powers?  Two.  Hulk and Thor.  That’s it.  Now look at the Justice League Dark Members, you have Deadman who is a ghost, John Constantine, Zatanna and Xanadu as the main ones and []

The Magician’s Nephew: When are we going to get our next Narnia Movie?

The Magicians Nephew is the first book of the Narnia Chronicles (although it was the 6th book published), this is where and how it all begins.  This is the place where we see how exactly Jadis became the Queen, who she entered Narnia and it paves the way for why those children get there.  Heck this is how we learn how how the lamp post is in Narnia.  What this book as a movie would do is answer so many questions that []

Nine Phrases You Should Never Put on Your Resume

BLOGGERS NOTE: This came in really handy as I polished up my resume to send out for possible internships. By: Charles Purdy, Monster Senior Editor Since most recruiters and hiring managers receive far more resumes than they have time to review carefully, they’re forced to find shortcuts that will allow them to quickly sort resumes into Yes, Maybe and No piles. There are lots of ways to get into the Yes pile — customizing your resume, using strong verbs, giving concrete examples []

Hugh Jackman’s New Look for THE WOLVERINE

Hmm, I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but at the same time I have some problems with it.  Wolverine is supposed to be stocky, Hugh Jackman is not.  I can only hope that to fix this he will put on some wait and muscle.  Don’t get me wrong, after all this time, I would hate to see another actor play as Wolverine, I mean I love Hugh Jackman, he embodies the character and the attitude which I love.  I think he’s quite []

Joss Whedon Developing A Live Action Marvel TV Series

By: Kelly West It seems very fair to credit Joss Whedon’s directing efforts for a good portion of the success of The Avengers, both at the box office and among the fans and critics. So to say he’d be the right man for the job in taking on a small screen project, described as a "live action TV series involving Marvel characters," would probably be an understatement, especially when factoring in his past TV work. Deadline broke the news this evening that []

NBC’s New Comedy Go On Has Matthew Perry Approaching Grief With Humor

By: Kelly West Finding humor in the darker moments of life is something I can get behind. In fact, it’s less a personal philosophy as it is a frequent, natural reaction for me. Perhaps that’s why I see the potential in a show like Go On, NBC’s single-camera comedy starring Matthew Perry, which suggests the idea that, though grief has to be dealt with, it’s ok to laugh. Go On will make its official debut next month, but NBC is offering viewers []

Weeks 30 & 31 Pt. 3

Teen Titans #11 Wonder Wonder Who This was a great comic.  I liked how we finally get to see the true Wonder Girl and you  know what, she is awesome.  Question though why isn’t Superboy wearing his supersuit?  I like that suit.  Please god do not go back to the jeans and t-shirt thing, that was just lame and childish.  Anyway, I love how coming to her rescue in the end of the comic were Superboy and Red Robin.  I love Tim []