Day: 11/08/2012

Outlaw Star 2: Sword of Wind–I’m Still Waiting

I love Outlaw Star, as far as anime was ever concerned.  I mean I absolutely loved it!  It was a great show here you had a guy who isn’t a hero.  He’s not, all he wants is to help the girl find answers to who she is and why all this is happening.  It was a great story line and had a great premise taking place in the future. I’ve always wanted a sequel, I mean the spin-off was good but come []

Total Recall

Okay, this may upset a lot of you Total Recall fans but, I liked this one so much better.  The political undertones within the story gave it more substance and I liked that.  There is a lot of building up to what is going on here.  And no there is no trip to Mars for which I am very thankful for.  This movie in my opinion was way more action packed.  As a story I think it carried with it more weight []